YouTube Preparing for Another Channel Design Overhaul

YouTube Preparing for Another Channel Design Overhaul

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It’s only been 6 weeks since YouTube announced their last set of major design changes but they’ve been super busy in the meantime and there are more updates on the way. YouTube made it clear back on the 12th of December that they wanted to improve the user experience and make it easier for viewers to find the videos, brands and channels they were looking for. The push to increase subscriptions and engagement seems to have been successful as daily subscriptions have doubled.

New YouTube Channels & The Push For Subscriptions

So with subscriptions on the rise, it makes sense that YouTube want to refine the way that channels are viewed and used – again. In the latest announcement, YouTube state that:

“Over the last year, we have been evolving our product to make channels a central part of every YouTube visit. These changes have made channels ever more important and subscribers even more valuable.”

At the moment, if you click through to a channel from the Subscription Guide you get a fairly vanilla, non branded preview:

Top Gear YouTube Channel

YouTube aren’t giving any big clues as to what the new design will entail, but do say that it will include the opportunity to organise the content you want to showcase and the chance to fully brand the preview channel so you have consistency across all platforms.

Multiple Channels Under One User Account?

There are plenty of the usual “Why-oh-why are you doing this YouTube” comments on the new blog post from YouTube Creators but we did spot a little nugget (something we talked about 2 months ago). We’re not holding our breath but YouTube may have just hinted that this is a feature that could be introduced very soon………….

Multiple Channels

YouTube haven’t said when the new design changes are going live – although it will be over the next few weeks. They also recommend holding off on any branding or re-skin updates until the new features are in place.


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