YouTube’s Recent & Pending Changes, Monetization, Politics & More

YouTube’s Recent & Pending Changes, Monetization, Politics & More

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YouTube is changing again! AGAIN??? Yup. This week’s Reel Web will dive into some of the recent and pending changes at YouTube along with discuss general online video commentary around video monetization, how to respond to an unexpected viral success, and how online video will play a major role in political campaigns this year, especially Obama’s.

YouTube Changes: Thumbs Up To Leave & Redesign Success

YouTube is changing again! This time the thumbs-up “like” button may be changing to Google’s +1 button. It hasn’t been officially verified, but some people have posted screenshots of it and the move seems to make sense as Google pushes to integrate YouTube with Google Plus more and more.

We also talk about some of the other recent changes at YouTube, including the stats ComScore reported that seem to agree with what YouTube reported last week: viewers are watching 60% more video now than they did in January! Since we doubted those statistics from YouTube, it seems to be more likely to be true if third-party researches are coming to the same conclusion.

THIS WEEK’S QUESTION: How do you keep viewers engaged through your entire video?

Here’s some links to the items we mentioned in this week’s episode.


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