Summary of YouTube Changes, Google Indexing Embeds & Adwords for Video

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This week on the Reel Web we discuss changes YouTube has made to make things easier for content creators, Google’s new AdWord campaign and their attempts to solve video discovery limitations and more.

YouTube Changes and Additional Features

YouTube has made numerous changes recently to their uploader giving additional options and overall giving it a much easier to use and cleaner look. Additionally they have increased the video and audio editing options to allow you to do edits on the Cloud and now offer over 150,000 audio tracks that are available to be used for free in your videos.

In an additional effort to help creators with fundraising, YouTube has also added annotation links to Kickstarter and IndiGoGo.

Embed Your YouTube Video on Your Website

ReelSEO founder, Mark Robertson recently released an article that goes into detail on how you can embed your video so that the URL link will show as your website name versus your YouTube URL. This is a great way to increase traffic to your website.

Advertising Updates for Video

Last week Google opened up it’s AdWords for video products. This was done in an effort to assist both businesses and individuals in getting additional traffic to their videos by allowing them to buy views. Google is currently giving away over $50 million in free AdWords. to claim your portion, simply fill out the form they provide to receive your $75 credit for AdWords.

YouTube has also put out a new Advertising Playbook. Check back here or look for an uplcoming Creator’s Tip video highlights on the best information from the publication.

Finally, there are major changes coming to YouTube’s advertising system. These changes are in an effort to make it easier for creators to effectively monetize their content. New default settings were put in allowing you to set a default that will apply to every video you upload. Also, YouTube is now offering new analytics to allow you to see which kind of ads are working best for your content and allowing YouTube to show more relevent ads to your viewers.

Google Addresses Video Discovery Issues

Google’s Vice President for Corporate Development has been getting a lot of questions regarding the difficulty for creators to get discovered and build an audience on YouTube. Google has said this is their main issue and they are currently working with YouTube to find a viable solution for this problem. Interestingly enough, both YouTube and Google seem very interested in the way Pinterest has solved this problem since their best content quickly rises to the top due to human interest and interaction as opposed to technology or algorithms.

Along those lines, a great article recently came out called Is YouTube Betting Its Future on Content or Technology that covers in great detail some of the changes YouTube is making and investing in with the recent additions to the site.

QUESTION: How could YouTube best solve it’s video discovery problem?

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This week’s look at the Reel Web, we’re going to cover as many changes as possible that just happened to YouTube very recently including the new
uploader, the new audio options that you can do with your video, new playbook, advertising stuff. Oh! Man, this is probably one of the biggest updates
in a long time for YouTube. We’re going to explain it all to you this week here on the Reel Web.

Hey guys my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another week of the Reel Web where very week we just highlight and cover some of the online video news
for you guys from the week before, and this week I cannot believe how much there is to cover. YouTube is going through massive changes again starting
with their uploader. Most of us if we are content creators ourselves have already noticed this but it looks totally different and personally I really
like it. It feels so much cleaner and all the options are there in ones spot. And my favorite is that I don’t have to type the monetization line, ‘I
created this content and all rights to this material, blah, blah, blah, blah blah.’

Now you just check a box, hit approved, and you’re done. I love it, it’s good. YouTube also buffed up its video editor which allow you to make lots of
tweaks and changes to your videos right in the cloud on YouTube. They’ve added over 150,000 audio tracks that you can use totally for free in your
videos. Music I know is one of those questions I get from you guys all the time. Tim, where can I find good free music that I can use on YouTube and
not get busted for or infringed content or anything. Well now YouTube’s giving you 150,000 options for you to use and you can even go in and edit the
audio in your video including how loud or soft it is and the music and the background and kind of mix it together so it sounds really good, kind of
like iMovie or any of your video editing programs, except for now you can do it straight on YouTube itself with any one of its tracks.

One of the things that a lot of you guys that do make online video here on YouTube have probably noticed about the annotations is that they’ve totally
removed a whole bunch of annotations that I used to use actually like the annotation to post a video response or to a search query on YouTube or things
like that, but they have added a new one that is kind of cool that does let you link offsite to two different sites. If you create a video that you’re
using to try to raise funds for a project that you’re working on through Kickstarter or IndieGogo, now you can put those Kickstarter pages or IndieGogo
pages to help raise money for your cause or your project or whatever it is that you’re working on.

YouTube is seeing more and more creative projects popping up around the site and they want to do whatever they can to make it as easy as possible for
us creators to raise funds and make good content for their website, which we will talk about a little bit later why that is so important to them.

Also, last week Google opened up its AdWords for video product, which means that lots more people can now submit their videos and buy views on YouTube
and to help businesses and people get started kick started, they’re giving away over $50 million dollars in free AdWords money. If you want to get
your hands on this money, get $75 of it, all you have to do is complete a form and they will give you $75 to use for your YouTube channel or your
business or your website or whatever it is you’re working on for free advertising for your stuff.

And along with AdWords for video product launch, they also have a new playbook which is called the advertising playbook. I’ve downloaded it and
skimmed through it. It’s like 120 some pages. I haven’t read it yet, but you can be sure I’m going to read every page of it and I will skim out as
much good stuff as I can for you guys and share with you in an upcoming Creators Tip video or something like that sometime in the very near future.
But if you want to get ahead start on me, the link to download it is in the description below. You can go read it and check it out for yourself.

Along with all these changes that are happening to the advertising system at YouTube, there’s also changes happening that are going to affect you and
me and the content we’re creating here on YouTube especially how we’re monetizing and making our money off of this. Starting with that there is now a
default ad setting that you can set for all your videos. I also noticed this a while back when I was uploading videos and they instantly had more ads
on it then I wanted, cause I like to upload a video and not really have an ads on it for the first week so that all the subscribers don’t have to get
bothered by all that kind of stuff. But then after about a week I’ll go back and enable the TrueView ads or pre-roll ads so people who aren’t
subscribers and find our stuff through search, I don’t care if they watch the ads.

But I noticed that all my new videos that I was uploading by default had ads on them and I had to go uncheck it rather than go enabling it so it was
all flip flopped. And now you have an option in your YouTube settings where you can set the default advertising options that you want to be applied to
every single video that you upload which I am very grateful for because that was getting really annoying.

We should probably be careful not to just go in and set it to a default setting and then not touch it again, cause YouTube is changing how and when
they display ads to different viewers on your content. Instead of just showing the default or whatever settings that you have, the last couple of
years YouTube has been learning a lot about not only which ads to show people but when to show them. So a lot of that is determined with how they
found your video and what kind of content you’re making that YouTube is learning, this is the best times to show an ad and this is the best type of ad
to show this person at this time in order for us all to maximize the most profit as possible and also to keep users engaged as much as possible in our
content, so YouTube is working out an algorithm apparently that can really detect when the best time to show an ad is and what kind of ad to show.

But you should just let it run on auto pilot cause YouTube is now also offering some new analytics in your YouTube analytics section here that will
show you what kind of content is working best, like if it’s a TrueView ad or is it just a normal pre-roll ad, or is it banners around the video and
which ones and what type of video advertising is working best so that you can learn how to best maximize your income off of your content.

I was looking through it myself and it’s really helpful information, but to be honest with you, I don’t really know what to make of it quite yet cause
I haven’t been looking at the statistics long enough to know long term what kind of ads should I be enabling and not enabling and when and what kind of
stuff works best. Should I just disable TrueView ads completely cause everyone is not watching them and they’re just ticking people off, or the ads
surrounding the video really are doing well and what kind of CPMs do they each give me. Lot more to learn guys.

Let’s move on to some other news that doesn’t require us to have to learn a whole bunch of new stuff. Like Google’s Vice President of Corporate
Development has been asked a lot about the whole discover issue that we have here on YouTube. All of us are very familiar with that and it’s hard to
get discovered, hard to build an audience, and Google says this is their primary main issue that they’re trying to solve right now here on YouTube is
that there is just so much content, how do we help the good stuff get discovered? If you look at what we’re rooted in, it’s kind of obvious what we’re
looking for. The most challenging problem we have right now is discover of video, that’s the most challenging problem on the web. Social is an
enabler, tagging is another enabler. I think the social layer helps, but it’s not even 1% of what it should be. It’s not like we need to solve social
on YouTube. We need to solve discover on YouTube and social is a natural enabler.

What’s interesting is that their Vice President for Corporate Development also said that he thinks that Pinterest is a huge phenomenon that they are
very, very interested in cause Pinterest found a very good way to help the best content really rise to the surface not based on algorithms or
technologies but based on human creation.

Pintrest just makes it easy to discover new things very efficiently and Google is kind of looking at that which is making some people think, well
Facebook just purchased InstaGram, is Google going to buy Pinterest and implement their whole concept of discovery and content and creation and all
that kind of stuff? It’s a very interesting article about this linked up below, it’s called is YouTube Betting It’s Future on Content or Technology.
And I definitely want to encourage you guys to go read it cause it really dives into this in much more detail in ways I find are very fascinating. But
basically it’s saying that YouTube is banking it’s future on content, which is why it’s investing so much into creators really being able to use
Kickstarter and IndieGoGoer very well. That’s why they’re dumping hundreds of millions of dollars into new content and new channels rather than into
promotion and into advertising or deals or anything like that because they are saying content, while initially upfront has a negative return on
investment. On the long run it’s going to pay off the best, now we just have to help people learn how to discover that and help them have the tools
that best discover that as easily as possible.

It’s actually a lot more complicated than that, so link below, go read it. It’s a good one. And then comment below and let me know what you think
about the whole discovery issue here on YouTube. Especially how this article relates it to everything that’s going on with Pintrest and advertising
stuff and content and finally I want to point you guys to another article down there that was written by our founder here at ReelSEO, Mark Robertson
and this guy, Mark knows his stuff especially when it comes to video site apps more than anyone else I’ve ever talked to. And he has done a lot of
thorough research on video site maps for your website and now he’s found a way that looks like you can embed video on your website and instead of like
on your Google search results saying YouTube is your URL, well now will show your domain. Your website is the URL for that video so people click to
watch that YouTube video, instead of taking you to YouTube, it takes them to your websites to watch the embedded one there instead.

It’s a pretty long article, but definitely worth reading. Mark did a great job of explaining everything and how it works and all the ins and outs so
definitely go and read that, the link is below if that’s anything you’re interested in and trying to get traffic to your website by using online video.

If this is your first time hanging out with us, we would love for you guys to subscribe, click that subscribe button up there or over there as well.
We’d love to have you join us every week for these videos and the Creator’s Tip videos that we do on Thursdays. This Thursdays Creator’s Tip video
will actually be me answering a lot of the questions that you guys regularly and consistently ask on the comments of all of our other videos. We’re
just going to try to crank out as much of these as possible just to answer all of the stuff you guys have been asking, so keep the questions coming,
there’s really good stuff. Look forward to answer that stuff for you guys on Thursday. And until then I hope you guys have a great day and I will
talk to you later. Bye.


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