YouTube Celebrates the Geeky with Geek Week in August

YouTube Celebrates the Geeky with Geek Week in August

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YouTube’s last attempt at a dedicated week, Comedy Week, came and went in May with mostly bad reviews.  But it was the first time they had dedicated themselves to a genre and tried to create an event to drive viewership.  They either learned a bunch for the next time, or they’ll never do it again, but it looks like these special weeks are going to be a thing no matter what the genre.  “Geek Week” is coming August 4-10, and considering how well geeky videos do on YouTube in general, this is a pretty good idea.  It’s going to be produced by Nerdist and the UK’s Channel Flip.

YouTube’s Geek Week, August 4-10

Here’s their video announcing the event:

We’ve already seen one of the videos in anticipation of Geek Week.  This one made it on a prior Fun Video Friday:

Geek Week will be divided up into these days:

Blockbuster Sunday: Hosted by FreddieW, this will be an appreciation of all the characters, shows, movies, along with a look at the best in original sci-fi.  Also, there will be new content from TomSka.

Global Geekery Monday: An appreciation of geek culture around the world, hosted by YOMYOMF, with a special episode of the UK kid show “Knightmare.”

Braniac Tuesday: This is for the science and learning channels, many of which regularly make Fun Video Friday here.  Veritasium will host with The Spangler Effect, with an amazing stunt being performed by Head Squeeze (James May’s channel) and Flow.

Super Wednesday: Everything to do with superheroes and superpowers.  There will be an exclusive trailer for the new Thor movie, Fast Furious & Funny will do something with an old Nissan, and the whole thing will be hosted by Stan Lee’s World of Heroes.

Gaming Thursday: Huge gaming blowout, including live game play-throughs.  Hosted by Machinima and Polaris, this one will try to break a Guinness Book of World Records live stream featuring gaming.

Fan Friday: Geek Week will conclude with “YouTube’s biggest fans,” and it will be hosted by internet goddess Felicia Day of Geek & Sundry.  Also, a super geeky quiz from Crabstickz.

It looks like Geek Week has a tremendous advantage over Comedy Week, because it won’t be people trying to be funny, which is not only hard to do but highly subjective.  Geek Week appears to be just one big celebration of the culture, with no real pressure.  So it should do well.  To see the channel, go here.


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