Review of YouTube’s Capture App Features, Benefits and Limitations [Creator’s Tip #70]

Review of YouTube’s Capture App Features, Benefits and Limitations [Creator’s Tip #70]

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As you should be aware, YouTube released a brand new, free iOS app this past week called YouTube Capture.  Essentially, Capture is an app that works outside of using Apple’s own Camera app for the purposes of shooting videos, basic editing, and uploading and sharing of those videos directly to YouTube. In this week’s Creator’s tip, I did a hands-on review of the app to show you how to use its features and functionality as well as to point out the current drawbacks that exist and desired enhancements.

YouTube’s Capture App Features

  • Record video
    • YouTube states that the app was designed to allow you to record and shoot video quicker, with fewer clicks and less lag time than the built-in Camera app.
  • Edit Video
    • Perform basic edits and trimming.
    • Apply automatic color-correction and stabilization to your film.
    • Trim the length of your video with the drag-and-drop interface.
    • Set a soundtrack to your video.
  • Upload Video
    • Ability to title your videos.
    • Select a thumbnail.
    • Set the privacy level of your videos before uploading them.
  • Share videos
    • Link to your Twitter, Google+ or Facebook accounts either individually or at the same time.

Drawbacks of Capture

  • Does not automatically enable monetization.
  • Does not add any default settings you have for your video uploads (tags, description text, etc.)
  • The color correction does not actually correct, but just ups the contrast.
  • After uploading the video with stabilization on, some of the lines are blurry and doesn’t look crisp and sharp.
  • The trim option is difficult to use.  It is not a frame by frame trimming option, but more within a second or two of where you want it to start and end.
  • Soundtracks are really loud even when you have them turned down.  Plus there are limited number of preset soundtrack options.
  • Can’t insert other videos.
  • While the app can post to Facebook, you do not have the option to make your video friends-only or public.

Have you used the app?  Tell us what you think.

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For this week’s Creators Tip video I want to give you guys a little bit of a review of the new YouTube Capture app that just came out for YouTube last
week. Tell you how to use it, what it’s for, some things to avoid, what it’s not so good for and a lot of other really great stuff about this app,
coming up on this week’s Creators Tip video.

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another week of Creator’s Tip, where every week I just do my best to help you guys who are making online
video content know how to really just make that stuff stand out the best on the web. Today we want to take a look at the new YouTube Capture App, and I
think what YouTube is really trying to do with this thing is lower the barrier of entry as low as possible for people who want to get into online, to
making online videos. Makes it super simple and I’m going to try to give you guys a little walk through here.

The first thing is you notice right here, I got a little time, telling me already that I’ve talked for way too long and let’s dig into the actual app
itself, starting with when I actually click right here, tap there, it’ll stop recording and it’ll take you to this screen that you guys see right here.
Now, basically I can give it a title, you know Creator’s Tip Intro, I don’t know just something like that. There’s a couple of different things I can do
here, first I can set it to private, public or unlisted, you guys should know what those are. Over here is where I have different options, now I think it’s
kind of like an Instagram, now the color correction not so great, you see how I’m kind of like, it’s just seems like it ups the contrast is all it does. I
prefer to keep it turned off; I think it probably looks a little more even than when it’s turned on. The stabilize thing does seem to actual work half
decently. I have noticed that after uploading the video with stabilization on, that it tends to make some of the lines a little bit blurry, it just doesn’t
look as crisp and sharp, so I’m kind of torn between whether or not I’d use this or not. I think maybe on this video, see that little bit of shake there, I
would probably end up using it I think.

Trim right here lets you do exactly what you think you could do, I’m going to put it on pause here, set the pin point and the out points, just by clicking
and dragging. My experience with this is that it’s really hard, definitely not a frame by frame trimming option. The best I can do is probably within a
second or two of where you want it to start and end. Basically trim it up there, then you tap done and it’ll go back to this screen. Now the other thing is
the YouTube soundtracks here at the bottom, they have some music here that you can use, most of them aren’t half bad, it’s kind of like iTunes, I’m sorry,
iMovie’ish type of tracks, but if you wanted to add some. The thing I ran into that I had difficulty with these is that none of these, the audio seems to
be really loud on top of the video when you actually go and record it and I couldn’t figure out, let’s say if I was going to do Hip Hop for example, I can
adjust the volume here a little bit of how loud I want it to be over the top of my audio from the video but even when I put it all the way down it still
seemed to be too loud for me. Maybe I was missing something, that’s kind of what I felt. And I don’t really want to have any done there. Then what happens
is when you click upload and I feel like if I do this, this is going to go to my, yeah this is already set. Now this is going to trim it and this is going
to start uploading it, okay I can pause it, that’s good I didn’t want it to actually go, yeah see now I can start resuming upload but I don’t really want
to upload in here.

Let’s go back and look at some of the actual settings here, now I have it connected to my Tim Schmoyer YouTube account, just kind of where I’ve been doing
little blogs with this new app.

Landscape lock is when you only want it to, when you turn the camera on like this for example, then go back you’ll notice that if I put horizontally like
this, see how it turns dim, saying hey I don’t want you to record like this, so when you turn it this way now that’s when it brightens up and it actually
says now you can record now. People who record videos like this, it’s just annoying don’t do that. You can have it set to automatically start recording as
soon as you rotate it, don’t’ want that, quality is HD and a whole bunch of other stuff there.

Let’s go back to the list of videos, I want to show you guys something here, now here’s one I uploaded last night, ‘Titles that make videos go Viral’, just
talking a little bit about how important it is to title and some examples. I was looking at this saying hey these videos would have never gone viral if it
wasn’t for these titles that they had and talked a little bit about that. But, once it’s already uploaded, you can see I already had the link here I can
just copy it, I can change there’s all my tags I gave it, categories, license, I can delete it from YouTube if I’d like completely. Another thing I want to
show you guys is when you want to upload to YouTube when you have it set to public here, you get these sharing options automatically showing up next to it
and so I can just tap if I automatically want to share it to those places.

Let’s go back and we’ll look at one thing about the camera, now here’s the front facing camera right here and if I tap anywhere on this screen, like the
little box will come up right there and that’ll focus on that, it’ll kind of like lock in on that spot right there, and just some normal options you would
kind of expect to see there. Once your video’s finished uploading from the app to YouTube, a couple things to keep in mind that I wish you would do, I hope
this would come in the future, one it doesn’t automatically enable monetization for your videos, you have to go through the website manually enable that.
Two it doesn’t add any of the default settings that you have set for each video upload, like default text you’ve set in your channel to automatically add
to every, to all the description text or automatic tags or anything, you have to go manually add all those to each of your videos.

Also, you can select a thumbnail or anything like that through the app, you also can’t insert other videos, which I think is a significant drawback to this
app because most of us I would guess are probably doing at least one or two cuts in our video, like this you can only do one clip at a time, so basically
you have to be like one continuous thing that I’m doing right here. I think on my Tim Schmoyer channel I’ll probably keep using this app because most of
the video, online video tips and thing that I talk about there are just one shot, I don’t even edit them, I don’t’ do anything, just like hey 30 seconds I
thought of this let’s talk about that real quick. I think this will be good for that type of stuff but for most of the stuff, I don’t know.

One thing I do like about the app though, is once you hit upload you can hit the home button on your iPhone and go back to where your main menu and do
whatever it is that you want to do and it will continue to upload in the background until it’s finished and then you get a popup notification that says hey
your video is finished, do you want to share it, do you want to check it out, do you want to tell your friends? Do whatever.

For now, let me know what you guys think, if you think this is something you would use, if not, why not? If so, how would you use it? And I’ve told you how
I’m going to use it so I’d love to hear from you guys. Let me know in the comments below. Make sure you subscribe for all the awesomeness that we’re doing
here at ReelSEO for you guys and I will see you guys on Tuesday, I think. I haven’t’ figured out what I’m doing for Christmas, actually I know what I’m
doing for Christmas, I don’t think I’m going to upload a video on Christmas. I’ll see you guys sometime soon; we’ll figure that out later. Bye!


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