Beauty on YouTube: Brands, Influencers and the Millennial Woman

Beauty on YouTube: Brands, Influencers and the Millennial Woman

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As the world of influencer marketing continues to evolve, there has been an increasing need for brands and media companies to identify, target and grow their ideal audience, and one of the most sought-after demographics is the Millennial Woman. She is between the ages of 19 and 35, is independent, and knows what she wants, but what’s most appealing is that she has an incredible amount of influence when it comes to consuming content, especially when it comes to beauty on YouTube.

Tubular Labs took a deep dive into the behaviors and habits of this highly targeted group on YouTube to better understand what they consume and who they are most likely to consume it from. We found Millennial Women are passionate about lifestyle topics and are most engaged with comedy, beauty and gaming content. In particular, we’ve identified a few influencers who rank high on the Millennial Woman’s list and why.

Beauty on YouTube: Top Influencers

When it comes to beauty, the Millennial Woman is hands-down one of the top consumers of this content. If you have any doubts, just ask YouTube creator Jeffree Star who has over 3.5M subscribers. Jeffree’s claim to fame began with his music career on MySpace but successfully transitioned to creating beauty content. So what is it about Jeffree that has Millennial Women fawning over his videos? Could it be his dazzling “Make Up Tutorials? His First Impressions makeup reviews? Or even the content featuring his very own makeup line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics?

Jeffree’s larger than life personality and upbeat music intros are only part of the reason that makes him so compelling. According to the data, Jeffree’s makeup tutorials are his most engaging, followed by his lifestyle content uploads. Jeffree’s most engaged-with video of the last year is this tutorial for creating the perfect sunset cat eye. Although it only generated 374K views, the engagement rate was around 7x higher than the average YouTube upload.

If you’re not convinced by Jeffree’s story, then maybe I should introduce you to Grav3yardGirl who has 7M YouTube subscribers. Grav3yardgirl first began posting videos about her paranormal experiences then transitioned to posting more mainstream content around fashion and makeup. What makes her so compelling to the Millennial Woman is her ability to relate to the everyday woman and create content that is unique and quirky such as her Curling My Hair with Cheetos video.

Among both Jeffree and Grav3yardGirl’s beauty content, the Millennial Woman gravitates towards beauty topics that focus on primers, lip glass and outfits of the day (OOTD) in a unique and creative way. Her other top performing content includes a series of videos dedicated to “Does This Thing Really Work?” and her popular giveaways.

Sephora: The Beauty Brand for Millennial Women

Speaking of giveaways, there is no beauty brand that does it better: Sephora! Sephora is a top brand among millennial women and has partnered with influencers as a way to revolutionizing beauty retail. They have grown and engaged their online audience by creating content around makeup tutorials and collaborating with influencers such as Grav3yardGirl, Kat Von D and SoothingSista. Kat Von D’s audience is 4x more likely to engage in her Sephora content than the average YouTuber. Her most engaging Sephora beauty video to date is her Face Projection Mapping Launch Event video which showcases her creativity and celebrates the launch of “Kat Von D Beauty” in Spain.

Did you know that Sephora’s YouTube audience is 2.5x more engaged than the average YouTuber? Sephora has partnered with influencers in the beauty space to leverage their synergies for premium customer engagement. Not only is Sephora mastering influencer strategy, they are also pioneering the 360 beauty experience by engaging their target audience every step of the way.

Customers can sample any product in store, get beauty insider points for purchasing the product, see how to apply the product by viewing their online tutorials and then share the results with the social community by using the #TrendingAtSephora hashtag. It’s this type of involvement that transforms industries, and in this case, has proven to work. Just in 2016 alone, Sephora more than doubled their views from Q1 to Q4 and engagements have also quadrupled. This is no east feat given how competitive the beauty industry is. So if you want to figure out how to keep a loyal customer engaged, Sephora isn’t doing too shabby and might be worth paying attention to! 

Learn More About the Millennial Woman on YouTube

The Millennial Woman is very engaged online especially around beauty, gaming and food content and has an affinity towards comedy, beauty and gaming creators on YouTube. However, she tends to gravitate towards creators and brands who take bold risks while simultaneously relating to her everyday lifestyle. She also likes to be accompanied along the journey at each stage of the process while also giving her room to be free and explore her artistic nature.  It takes a creative vision to attract her but innovation to gain and keep her loyalty.

Tubular’s  ‘Millennial Woman on YouTube’ report gives an unprecedented insights into this demographic, and you can access the full deck plus get access to this exclusive webinar right now by filling in the form below:


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