YouTube for Google TV Gets Personalized Discovery +1 Social

YouTube for Google TV Gets Personalized Discovery +1 Social

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I wanted to drop some info on the latest Google TV update for their YouTube App which got a major round of cool new stuff last week. After all, if you’re using YouTube for your content distribution, whether as a partner or sponsored content creator, you need to know how people are accessing your stuff.

So what’s new with the Google TV YouTube App?

YouTube & Google TV Update: Discovery Enhancements

Well, first off, they’ve added recommendations in My YouTube. So they’ll take a look at what you’re watching and queuing up and then start offering you some other stuff that might be on the edge of your comfort zone as opposed to dead center which is probably what you have been adding to your playlists and saving to watch later. They’ve even touched up playlists so you can grid the vids to fine the exact one you’re looking for. This will work in both Watch Later and Favorite playlists and, presumably, any others that come along later.

It’s all about discovery in this set of updates as they’ve done some work on search as well. Thanks to the new search functions you can now do a Channel Search (channels showed up a couple months ago) so you can find the exact channel instead of searching for content. This is probably in preparation of the new way they’re doing advertising with channels being able to be sponsored. It could also tie into that premium content thing they seem to be set on making where you may soon subscribe to a channel or a pack of channels to get the good stuff, hopefully, sans ads.

You can, once you’ve found the channel you’re looking for (these are not the Androids you’re looking for) then subscribe and it will pop up on your My YouTube tab.

& More GooTube TV Coolness…

A couple other things they added this round are variable bitrate streaming so the app and YouTube will determine the best resolution and stream and then switch to a lower one if need be to keep your from having to rebuffer the video so that’s an extra user experience bonus.

Finally, the inevitable march toward a one portal GooTube has made its way to Google TV. You will now be able to +1 videos right from the Google TV YouTube App.

So if you’ve got a content channel the good news is that people can now find your content more easily on Google TV. That might not mean much right now, but as they continue to expand their partnerships and integrations it could be a very big thing in the future.


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