YouTube Announces Creator Academy to Help Guide Your Channel

YouTube Announces Creator Academy to Help Guide Your Channel

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YouTube realizes you probably need some help when it comes to your channel, and they have done a really good job in the last couple of years in giving advice, tips, and how-to information through the YouTube Creator Playbook and the YouTube Creator Blog.  In fact, anything that starts with “YouTube Creator” is likely something that is attempting to help you: they just announced the YouTube Creator Academy, which will be taking place June 3-16.  The window for registering for this online course is all the way until it closes at 8 PM EDT on June 16.

What You Will See at YouTube Creator Academy

Here’s the official site.  And what self-respecting YouTube course wouldn’t have a video to come along with it?

The course is called Maximize Your Channel and it will be covering the new One Channel design and how it can be used to attract subscribers.

The goal of the course is to do the following:

1. Help You Gain Subscribers.  How to hook them and keep them coming back.

2. Make Your Channel a Daily Visit for Your Fans.  This is an organization thing.  The curating of content that make people want to check out your channel every day.

3. How to Make Your Channel Look Awesome.  Branding, logos, across all devices: make your channel look cool.

It looks like there will be advice from the professionals and you can learn from other creators as well.  This sounds pretty great, and you should probably take advantage of it because it’s totally free.


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