2 YouTube Analytics Reports You Should Check Every Week

2 YouTube Analytics Reports You Should Check Every Week

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In this week’s Creator’s Tip, we show you probably two of the most important reports in your YouTube Analytics. Studying the stats and information from these reports should give you enough rich data to create more compelling and engaging video content for your channel.

2 Best Video Metrics to Track via YouTube Analytics

CJ Bruce from New Antics joined us at the 2014 ReelSummit for an expert panel discussing the best video metrics to track in 2014. New Antics is a video marketing and technology company who helps its clients to grow their audience, as well as monetize their video content. CJ gave ReelSEO 2 great tips on the best reports to keep a close eye on in YouTube Analytics

Tip #1: Study the Audience Retention Graph Report

In YouTube, the Audience Retention report gives you valuable feedback on your content’s ability to hold an audience’s attention. You’ll find this data in Creator Studio > Analytics > Audience Retention, and a careful study will show you the points where your audience tends to drop out along the way. The report will also show you how well each video is doing, which will give you the stats you need to decide future content strategy.

The Audience Retention Report will show you the average view time for every video that is uploaded to your channel, just click on a link to a specific video if you want to see how well that is performing for you.

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Tip #2: Check Your Subscriber Report to See What’s Working

Organically increasing your channel’s subscriber count is hugely beneficial to your overall performance on YouTube, and if you are serious about building up that solid base, you’ll need to understand what type of video content drives subscribers to follow you. Comparing spikes or dips in your subscriber rate, against the videos that you have produced, should give you an indication of what works best for you as a brand or a creator.

Video Measurement Tools and Reports

You can see more from CJ and the other panelists at the ReelSummit as they take a deep dive into YouTube data, and other video tools:

What reports from YouTube Analytics do you keep a regular eye on? Let us know in the comments below.


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