YouTube, Adweek, Team to Bring Super Bowl Ad Blitz in 2013

YouTube, Adweek, Team to Bring Super Bowl Ad Blitz in 2013

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As we all know, the ads during the Super Bowl are sometimes just as, if not more, entertaining than the game itself.  And, because we live in 2013, we can now make a social experiment out of the game by allowing people to vote on the best ads and trash talk and basically tell everyone within digital distance that you’re watching the game and having all sorts of fun doing it.  This year, YouTube has teamed with Adweek to bring the Super Bowl Ad Blitz, which will give the ability to users to interact with each other in all sorts of ways during the game.

Big Game Ad Blitz Features

YouTube has created a video along with one of its stars, DeStorm, to talk about this year’s Ad Blitz:

You can play around with the Ad Blitz feature on laptop, tablet, and smartphone.  In addition to being able to watch any of the commercials instantly as soon as they air on TV, you’ll be able to vote on them.  There are also other features.

They include:

  • Touchdown Dance Generator. This is so you can show people a GIF of your best Touchdown dance.
  • Smack Talk. Because no game, or ad discussion, or social interaction, is complete without smack talk.
  • Paper Football.  The old paper football flick game that you played in school while teachers were trying to stress the importance of chlorophyll.  And you can play it during the Super Bowl while also voting for your favorite ads while also eating that delicious nacho bean dip.
  • Call the Coach.  DeStorm gives you advertising advice.  This is an interesting one.  I’m sure there are many who might be watching the Super Bowl, taking in the features of the app, and might want some ad advice.  I’m sure DeStorm will be funny, too.  Just, who’s doing this during the game?  Maybe after.  After is best.
  • Fun Facts.  Adweek gives fun facts about Super Bowl advertising.

After the game, Adweek’s executive editor James Cooper and senior editor Tim Nudd will discuss the highlights of the night’s action through Google+ hangout.

Hey guys, remember to watch the game while you’re doing all this!



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