YouTube Advertiser Playbook Review & Video “Cliff Notes” [Creator’s Tip #38]

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As most of you know, YouTube recently launched several new video advertising products as well as some new tools and resources that are aimed at helping businesses jump into the world of online video marketing.  As part of this, they released an e-book called the “YouTube Advertiser Playbook” which is specifically geared toward companies who want to use video to market their business, but don’t know exactly where to begin.

While we plan to cover their Advertiser Playbook in-depth in the coming weeks (and we’ve already covered part 1 here), we thought we would use this week’s Creator’s Tip video to provide a summary and overview, as well as to highlight a few of the tips and ideas that this playbook contains.

YouTube’s Advertiser Playbook Cliff Notes Edition

There are four basic parts to the YouTube Advertiser Playbook:

  1. Getting Started with Video
  2. Managing Your Videos
  3. Promoting Your Business
  4. Tracking Your Success

Getting Started:

This section is fairly basic and geared more towards individuals who don’t have a lot of experience creating and posting videos on YouTube, although it is worth the time to skim through it as it may remind you of something you are not currently doing or an idea you have not yet implemented with your videos.

Managing Your Videos:

Again, this section does have a lot of basic information, especially if you regularly upload videos to YouTube, however, if you haven’t made any recent changes to your channel, we do suggest reviewing this section again to find ways that might refresh the look and feel of your channel and give you additional ideas on how to make your content more engaging.

For example, there is a great section under here called “Four Ways to Build Your Community on YouTube”.  The tips are:

1. Respond to comments.  Engage in what people are saying around your video, encourage them to be a part of it, and start forming that community around your content.

2.  Subscribe to relevant channels.  Stay on top of what other people are doing in your niche on YouTube.  Stay engaged with that community.

3.  Make a schedule for creating new videos.  You want to make it easy for individuals who subscribe to your channel to know when you will have fresh new content.

4.  Promote your videos outside of YouTube.  YouTube has devoted an entire section of the playbook to this exact topic.

Promoting Your Business:

This section gives a lot of information as well as a step-by step tutorial on how to us Google’s AdSense for video.  It gives you ways to set up TrueView ads for your videos, pre-rolls on videos, etc.

One of the best tips we found in this section was to utilize QR codes to help promote your video.  These can be put on any promotional material you put out, business cards, newsletters, etc.

Tracking Your Success:

This takes you through how to use YouTube Analytics and Analytics on your AdWords for planning your video campaign.  It is pretty basic and fundamental but it does go into understanding the raw data and how to use that information to plan future campaigns and content for your videos.

In case you haven’t done so already, you can and should download YouTube’s Advertiser Playbook – HERE.

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For this week’s Creator’s Tip video, we’re gonna skim through YouTube’s new advertising playbook and just kind of pull out some of the highlights from that for you guys, and what it means for you and the content you’re creating here on YouTube.

What’s up? What’s up? Hey guys! My name is Tim Schmoyer. Welcome to another Creator’s Tip video here at ReelSEO, where every week we just help you guys who are making online video content know how to make that stuff stand out the best on the web. Today we want to take some time to just kind of skim through YouTube’s new Creator’s Playbook that they released a couple of weeks ago. And we’re gonna pull out some highlights from it, some things that are good, some cool resources, downloadable resources that you guys can go get.

While we do this, there’s a link in the description below this video here on YouTube or at, and we want you to go download this advertiser’s playbook. It’s completely free. It’s created, put together, completely by YouTube themselves, and they’re giving you some of the best practices for a lot of different things we’re going to talk about, but mostly with advertising in mind. How to use your online video, specifically on YouTube, to build an audience, and get the message about your brand or your company or your products or service, or whatever it is, out there in the eyes of many, many, many, lots – like eight hundred million people or something.

The playbook is basically split up into four parts, and the first part is called Getting Started with Video. And then it talks about Managing Your Videos,Promoting Your Business, and Tracking Your Success.

The Getting Started is pretty basic, and if you’ve already created and uploaded a video to YouTube sometime before, you probably already understand most of what the beginning section is going to cover. It’s really basic, but there are some pretty valuable gems in there.

The second section on Managing Your Videos is also pretty basic if you’ve already uploaded a video to YouTube. You kind of understand about how to write a title, writing description text, writing good tags, and how to set up your channels, designs, and pictures and all that kind of stuff. That’s basically what that goes through, and it’s really good as for like a refresher if you haven’t done it for a while, your channel and videos have pretty much been the same for a while. You might want to go through that and get some good ideas about how to mix it up and how to make it a little bit more engaging.

There is one particular part I found especially helpful, and we’ve already kind of covered some of this before in past videos so I won’t go into it too much here. But there is a section called Four Ways to Build Your Community on YouTube. And I know that’s something a lot of us are really interested in. Basically the four tips are:

1. Respond to comments – just engage in what people are saying around your video, encourage them to be a part of it, and just kind of start forming that community around your content;

2. Subscribe to relevant channels – just kind of stay on top of what other people are doing in your niche on YouTube, just so you can kind of stay engaged in that community;

3. Make a schedule for creating new videos – so people who are subscribed to your channel know when to come back to it for more and new, fresh content; and

4. Where possible, promote your videos outside of YouTube – and that’s something they actually address in an entire section in this playbook.

The third section, called Promoting Your Business, is basically about how to use Google’s AdSense for video, which is powered by YouTube, of course, and you can set up TrueView ads for your videos, they’ve got pre-rolls on videos, and stuff like that. And actually, to be honest with you, it’s actually pretty helpful. I was expecting that most of it would be like here’s how you pay us and make money from us and stuff, but it gives you a step-by-step, very clear tutorial how to walk that entire process, which honestly is one that I didn’t really know. I’m not very familiar with it, ‘cause I never have run an ad on YouTube myself before. But after reading it, I’m like I think I would like to give that a try sometime just to see if it would actually convert to getting me new subscribers. I know it would get me new views, but could I use a TrueView video campaign to help boost subscribership and engagement with my videos. I don’t know.

But there is one tip in this section that I thought was really good. I haven’t actually heard this anywhere else before, and one of the ways they recommended promoting your videos and your content outside of YouTube is to use a QR code, like on your business card. You can have the QR code go to either your channel page or to a particular video that you really want people to watch first to kind of understand your business more. I haven’t seen that. I thought it was great. You could put the QR code on pretty much anything that’s printed, including like newsletters or brochures or hand-outs or flyers or whatever the case may be for you. So that might be something you want to consider. I never thought about that, but sounds like a good idea to me. I actually might even do that one myself.

And then the last section of the playbook, which is called “Tracking Your Success,” is basically taking you through how to use both YouTube analytics and the analytics on your AdWords for video campaign. They’re both pretty basic, pretty fundamental. If you’ve ever just looked through the analytics on your videos before, you probably already know a lot of the content in here. The analytics for your ad campaigns I thought was really helpful, but what this section does besides just explaining to you how to like understand the raw data, is that it also helps you understand what kind of decisions to make for future content you’re going to do, especially in the advertising realm.

So if you like use one video to like promote a product or service, and you can kind of see, okay, here’s what’s happening with this video based on the analytics, I think I can learn or do this better because of this stat that they’re showing. And so then you turn around and maybe you focus your demographic a bit more, or maybe you broaden your search queries a bit more depending on what you’re trying to rank for with your video.

So, it’s actually pretty helpful. And even if you don’t run ad campaigns on YouTube, I would still recommend that you download the playbook, and at least skim through this section. Because it does help you understand not just what the data is, but what to do with the data and how to make decisions that’ll benefit you and your content in the long run, based on all the information that they’re giving you in the analytics section.

And that’s basically the entire content of the advertising playbook from YouTube. Again, it’s pretty simple, pretty basic, and a lot of it is pretty straightforward. If you don’t want to take the time to read the hundred and twenty-four pages, or whatever it is, I totally understand. But I think you could still download it and skim it and still get some helpful stuff out of it, just looking for bullet-pointed items and just kind of skimming through that. If you took maybe ten, fifteen minutes, I think you could get pretty much get anything you need out of it if you are already a YouTube creator.

If you’ve never created video before, but you’re kind of interested in getting into video marketing, then I would definitely read this book, like line for line, word for word, with a highlighter and mark it all up. ‘Cause this is definitely gonna be like the most easiest to understand, just kind of straightforward plan from everything from what is YouTube and what is going on here to how do I start getting involved, how do I make a video – it even shows you editing and all that kind of stuff – to how do I publish, how do I get views. It’s very comprehensive.

So while the YouTube creator’s playbook is more for those of us who are kind of more in depth on YouTube already, this is very much a big overview from the very, very beginning to the very, very end. So wherever you are on the spectrum, I definitely recommend that you at least just kind of download it and just skim it. Just spend like ten, fifteen minutes just skimming through it.

I hope this was helpful for you guys. If you’ve checked it out and read it, I’d love to hear from you guys in the comments below. What parts were helpful for you and what stood out to you and what information that you gleaned from it that you’d like to pass along to the rest of us. And if this is your first time hanging out with us, welcome. We love that you’re here. We do these videos for you guys every Tuesday. Well, we do ReelWeb on Tuesday. We do Creator’s Tip videos for you on Thursday. And then we do another new series about video production on Wednesdays. The launch one just went up yesterday, so you can see that now, link in the description below. We’re gonna start doing those on a trial basis to see how go with you guys and see what you think, if they’re helpful or not.

So, to get all that content and more, please click on the “Subscribe” button above this video here on YouTube. We’d love to have you join us for this stuff all the time. I will see you guys again on Tuesday when we look at the ReelWeb. Bye.


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