YouTube Adds More Audio Editor Options For Video Creators

YouTube Adds More Audio Editor Options For Video Creators

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YouTube has enhanced their minimal audio editing options with a few nifty features, steps I hope bring YouTube closer to becoming a more dynamic editing tool.  On Wednesday, software engineer Bob Glickstein announced on the YouTube Creator Blog a few new exciting changes that will make audio a little easier to deal with from this point forward.  They’ve added more free music tracks to the library, and they’ve made it where you no longer have to remove the entire original audio just to add one of those tracks.

YouTube’s New Audio Options: A Sign Of A More Dynamic Editor In The Future?

Video creators wanting to use one of YouTube’s free music tracks in the past would have to sacrifice the entire original audio to get it.  Now, they’ve added several options to make the music anywhere from “soft background” to “completely replace.”  This allows you to keep the original audio in some form if you’d like, and it’s subtly a “second audio track,” one that you might see in decent editing software.  Of course, top-end editing software has multiple audio tracks where you can lay down as much different sound as you want.  I’m not sure YouTube will ever go as far as making multi-track video and audio editing available, but this is a nice step in that direction.

Here’s YouTube’s video showing the new features:

Glickstein touts these new audio features for YouTube creators:

  • A music library with more than 150,000 free songs to choose from
  • You can adjust the levels of the music now, as we discussed above
  • They have a “featured tracks” option to easier find songs that fit the video
  • Revamped Audio Editing user interface

So this is good.  Having a large library of free songs, and enhancing your video, is a really great feature, and now you don’t have to lose any of that original audio if you don’t want.  It’s also nice that they are making it easier to find something that might make a good match with your video: you can sort songs by genre and running time.

Glickstein promises that this is only the first in a series of changes to Audio Editing, so maybe he is hinting at a more dynamic audio editor in the future, which is exciting news for those who might not be able to plunk down the money for even a lower-end editing software.


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