YouTube 2nd Most Popular Website With 790 Million Unique Monthly Visitors

YouTube 2nd Most Popular Website With 790 Million Unique Monthly Visitors

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According to just-released June 2011 data from Google, Facebook is still the world’s most popular website, with 870 million unique visitors and a whopping 1 trillion pageviews per month. Right behind Facebook–in terms of unique visitors, at least–is YouTube, with 790 million visitors per month and 100 billion pageviews.

Facebook’s accomplishment in being the first site to reach one trillion pageviews is getting most of the attention, and rightfully so. That’s a huge milestone, and truly shows the amount of time users are spending on the site.

But there’s significant good news for YouTube in this report as well: they’re second only to Facebook in overall unique monthly visitors. Think about that for a second. Facebook users go to that site for a host of various tasks: making status updates, reading about friends’ lives, playing games like Farmville, chatting, uploading images and video, and more. YouTube users are really focused on video alone… uploading or viewing. The more-narrow focus of YouTube’s service makes its unique visitors total even more impressive. After all, Facebook is only ahead in uniques by about 80 million.

YouTube is the only online video site in the top 10, and the only other video sites in the top 100 are foreign-language sites like,, and

The gap in unique visitors between YouTube and the 3rd place site, Yahoo!, is 200,000,000. That means that, while Yahoo and MSN and blogspot can all take pride in their showing in the top ten, Facebook and YouTube are in a class by themselves, operating on a completely different level in terms of user numbers.

Now, we have to remember that these are just Google’s numbers, as measured by Ad Planner. And while I tend to think these numbers are more reliable than some others, we’re still just dealing with one source here, and it’s extrapolating data just like comScore and the other measurement firms do. The list is even manually edited too, with “some Google sites” removed, apparently to appear more neutral–, for instance, is nowhere to be found. So take these numbers with a few grains of salt.

It’s a good time to be a video marketing professional. The world’s largest video platform is the second most popular site in the world, topped only by the largest social network–which most video pros use to help market and spread the word on their videos.


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