YouTube Rolling Out 60FPS Video, New Creator Tools

YouTube Rolling Out 60FPS Video, New Creator Tools

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It’s been a busy week for Google announcements and YouTube didn’t miss out on some fancy, and much needed new features either. CEO Susan Wojcicki let the video world know what treats were in store for them during VidCon’s opening keynote address, and the site’s new functionalities include the ability to upload video at 48 and 60 frames per second, a feature that the video-game streaming community has long been calling for. There’s a raft of new tools for creators too, including more opportunities to monetize. Let’s take a look at the highlights:

48 and 60FPS Playback is Coming

small youtubeYouTube are giving creators to ability to upload video content at 48 and 60 frames per second, which is the optimal speed for quality video gaming content. Up until now, playback has been at locked at 24 or 30 frames per second, But soon, if you are are playing a game via a console at 60 FPS, then you’ll suffer little loss of quality when you upload the footage to YouTube.

The site promises that “your video game footage with crazy high frame rates will soon look as awesome on YouTube as it does when you’re playing.” Awesome indeed, and the functionality should be in place within a few months. YouTube has recently acquired major online video-gaming company Twitch, and is hyper-aware of the needs and wants of the online-gaming community. Viewers will need to make sure they select the 1080p resolution option to get the full effect, but here’s of an example of just how impressive video playback is at that rate:

Fan Crowd-funding & Creator Crowd-sourcing

small youtubeMindful of the criticism it has attracted re monetization opportunities, the site is giving creators two new ways of raising revenue. Firstly, those users with active Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns will be able to provide direct links to both.

Secondly, creators can set up a virtual tip jar, called ‘Fan Funding’, which allows subscribers, and other followers, to donate up to $500 to any creator they wish. YouTube will take a 5% cut of any donation, plus charge a 21 cents fee for transaction admin fees. The new scheme is still in the testing stage and users who want to help out can do so via this form.

User-generated Fan Subtitles

small youtubeYouTube is introducing a new user-generated feature called ‘Fan Subtitles’ which allows users to upload subtitles in any languages. As Wojcicki confirmed, YouTube has a bigger audience outside the US than in it, and user-gen captions will help to fill the gaps where the video’s first language isn’t native to the viewer.

More Free Sounds Effects

small youtubeYouTube is adding a further 2,000 sound effects (42 different versions of farts included), which are available from right now. The site confirmed that it may be possible for users to upload their own audio clips in the future which is fantastic news for those that find the current selection too restrictive.

New Android App

small youtubeAndroid users have access to a new app that will allows them to access their YouTube stats and manage their channels on their mobile devices. iOS users will have to wait a few more weeks for their version.

Creator Credits

small youtubeOne really interesting feature is the ability for creators to tag others in their video content. For the past year, the site has been pushihg the message that collaboration really is an essential part of a successful promotional strategy. Uploaders will be able to tag others in the video description (Google + stylee)


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