YouTube Users Now Upload 35 Hours of Video Every Minute – Great Scott

YouTube Users Now Upload 35 Hours of Video Every Minute – Great Scott

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It seems like just yesterday that YouTube announced that they had hit 24 hours of video content uploaded per minute.  Last Wednesday, YouTube announced that they have now hit a whopping 35 hours of video uploaded every minute.  At that rate (though it will likely increase), this equals a total of around 18.4 million hours of video content uploaded to YouTube on an annual basis. “Great Scott,” as they put it.

YouTube Keeps Going and Going

YouTube hasn’t stopped growing since it started in 2005, and since Google acquired them for $1.65Billion in 2006.  It’s like a 1.65B pound gorilla that keeps going and going and going like the energizer bunny (OK, that was really just so that I could include my little mashup image to the right)

The number of uploads to YouTube have more than doubled in the last two years. By 2007, YouTube boasted that the 10 hours per minute milestone was reached.  Then, in Jan. 2009, it went to 20 hours per minute.  In March 2010, it was 24 hours and now, just 8 months later, YouTube announced it has hit 35 hours of video uploaded every minute. In fact, more video is uploaded to Youtube in 30 days than 3 major US TV networks created in 60 years and Youtube is by far the dominant video destination, search engine, and hosting platform today, with over 85% of total video views.

35 Hours Of Video Uploaded Every Minute

35 hours of video every minute is a ton of video content being uploaded to YouTube. If you do a few calculations, this equates to 50,400 hours of YouTube video content uploaded every day.  If we were to put that in terms of Hollywood films and movies (with the assumption that the average film/movie is 2 hours), 35 hours per minute would equate to over 176,000 full-length films every week.

There are obviously lots of reasons why YouTube keeps growing.  Clearly the overwhelming growth in online video overall has helped with this.  But, here are the factors that YouTube mentioned as contributing to this growth:

  • Increased time limit for videos uploaded by users from 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Increase in upload file size from 1GB to 2GB via their standard uploader.
  • Mobile proliferation and mobile uploading of videos to YouTube.
  • Companies more and more integrating the Youtube API to support uploads outside of YouTube

Next Stop – 2 Full Days Per Minute

What’s next?  YouTube has already set its next target: 2 full days of video uploaded every minute.

So it is with that in mind that we throw down another heavy gauntlet: upload 48 hours of video every minute. That’s right: two full days and 100% growth of what we achieved back in March of 2010.

Good job YouTube.


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