Yahoo! to Unload Tons of Content All at Once This Fall

Yahoo! to Unload Tons of Content All at Once This Fall

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Thus far, digital content has basically followed the TV format, or some sort of schedule.  On YouTube, you need to have a schedule for people to come back again and again.  Yet, Netflix decided when they got into the original show game they would come out with all the episodes at once, leading to “binge viewing.”  Yahoo! is apparently taking a page from this playbook, as they will release 8 new series this fall with all the episodes available immediately on September 9.  They’ll be surrounding this content with the 5,000 “Saturday Night Live” sketches they licensed earlier this year.

They will be unleashing 1,000 hours of content on that day, becoming the first ad-supported platform to launch this volume of content with a click of a button.

Yahoo: The Shows

  • Losing It with John Stamos.  John Stamos talks to celebrities about their first times.

  • Tiny Commando. This is a slapstick action comedy featuring an extremely small…commando. It’s got a lot of recognizable faces in it like Rob Corddry and Ed Helms.

  • Ghost Ghirls. It’s a comedy takeoff on all those “haunting” shows, starring Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci as paranormal investigators.

  • We Need Help. Starring Rachael Harris and Cheryl Hines. Looks like they got a lot of recognizable faces too:

  • The Fuzz.  It’s a cracked puppet-cop show:


  • The Flip Side (Season 2): Basically, women fit into men’s societal roles, and vice-versa, children become adults, old people become young people:

  • Sports Friends (Season 2): Fictional animated situations (based in truth, of course) involving real athletes. Here’s one from last season:

  • SketchY (Season 3): new comedian every week does a new sketch.

It’s pretty cool that they’re dropping all of these on the same day.  Let’s see how that works for them.

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