Yahoo Screen Relaunches In Attempt To Become Major Online Video Destination

Yahoo Screen Relaunches In Attempt To Become Major Online Video Destination

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Yahoo, who changes their mind far more than, well… wants in on the online video deal, again. It almost seems like they got wind of what AOL was planning and said “Ooh! ooh! Us too!” Their on again, off again love affair with online video just seems like it is once again, going to end in heartbreak for the aging web portal and those who pay it any attention.

Hey, having just returned to America after 6 years in Europe, I know it’s hard to get back into the dating scene and Yahoo doesn’t seem too afraid of trying once again to court (read lure) online video viewers back to their site.

The New Yahoo Screen

This time round, instead of letting the er, pursued, call the shots, Yahoo has determined it’s time for them to take matters into their own hands and thus, Yahoo Screen is reborn. It’s like a makeover to make us take another look and say “Gee, I hadn’t noticed how shapely your original content was,” or perhaps that should be, “my but what large partners you’ve got.”

Yahoo Screen is another aggregated, curated collection of online video that Yahoo hopes will attract a lot of viewers so that they can sell complementary ads to monetize and expand the revenue channel. Let’s call it what it is, right? That’s their game, selling advertising tied to specific content. I’m not knocking it, I’m just being blunt.

They’ve got several verticals in the mix already including Sports, TV, Movies, Lifestyle, Comedy, News and Finance as well as a Yahoo Originals channel. They have teamed up with Revision3 (Damn Jim, your guys are everywhere!), CBS, UFC and others.

But still the major question remains, who cares? As I just jokingly said, Revision3 content is everywhere, so is CBS. Heck I can get CBS on my Windows Media Player, on demand on cable, and straight from their site. Why would I go to Yahoo to get that content? As far as I’m concerned, Yahoo is that lover I went back to several times because it was fun and I thought there was still something there, but then, they just turned around and disappointed me, then took all my stuff and threw it out on the curb when they closed Yahoo Video and now, are just sort of lurking about hoping we’ll notice them when we go out to the same pubs. “Oh hey, I didn’t see you standing there behind that pole watching me hang out with Hulu, how’s it going? You look, well. Who’s that with you? ABC? Are you two dating now?”

Sure they have got some popular video content that they’re creating and are touting some secret custom comScore report that shows them having the top 10 most-watched original web series (can you name 10 Yahoo original web series?). I just went to that particular page at Yahoo Screen and… I don’t know a single show on the list except for that Newmakers ABC program, which I just read about in some other article here at ReelSEO.

I guess, I’ll just keep dating other online video providers for now and maybe, some months down the road, if Yahoo can truly show me that they’ve changed their ways, I might give them another shot at being exclusive… Ha! Who am I kidding! I’ll never be exclusive, because they just can’t give me all that I need… from my online video entertainment, you pervs.


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