Xerox Dives Into Online Video Marketing

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Xerox is doing something strange. They’re alerting you to Information Overload Syndrome by inundating you with information. Now you might think this totally bizarre and that it couldn’t possibly be real…and you’d be right.

Xerox  is using M80, a social media marketing and online publicity firm. The campaign is designed to get you interested in cutting down on lost work time and energy through the use of a known problem etc. It’s all very tongue-in-cheek, as evidenced by the speaker putting steel tipped darts into poor little Billy during the video.

What they’re really doing is trying to get you interested in some of their new products that are competing for office space. Products like their Extensible Interface Platform which is:

a software platform upon which developers can use standard web-based tools to create server-based applications that can be configured for the MFP’s touch-screen user interface.

It means that your multi-function printer (MFP) from Xerox has all sorts of things built into it to help you work, like being able to store documents or send them automatically somewhere. Since they have the hardware in place they might as well have software products that extend the usefulness of it right?

Why are you telling us this Chris?

Well frankly, it’s the day after a holiday and not much is going on. Seriously, it’s not a bad attempt at using video online to market their product (though not all that interesting in my opinion). Sure it might confuse some people, but they probably have IOS and that’s why. I’m sure that there’s a lot of money wrapped up in this campaign so I’m interested to see how it works out for Xerox and M80. That is why I’m telling you all about it. When a company like Xerox takes to video marketing and using tools like YouTube and viral videos to raise awareness of their brand and new products, well that’s quite interesting.

Sure they’re not the only large company to use it, nor are they probably the largest. But they are a company that has been in the forefront of their industry for a long time. What they do, others imitate. So if this works for Xerox, a lot of other multinationals will probably dive in. That means there’s going to be a lot of work for video creation talent, editors, actors and everyone else involved in online video marketing, including all of you I hope. Perhaps even me if I’m lucky. After all I do write scripts for videos etc. There might even suddenly be a lot of extra video to place on various sites which could make for some revenue channels for people.

What it shows is that online video marketing is no longer that Wild West frontier of marketing. It is no longer the alchemical or arcane form of marketing. It is now a known quantity, it is a viable solution and an approach to creative marketing campaigns that probably wouldn’t work in other formats like television and radio.

Aren’t you all glad that we knew all that already and have already been operating in it for some time? Well, I’m curious to see how Xerox and M80 do with this campaign and I hope to see some traffic numbers or sales numbers soon. Of course if it bombs, it will just quietly slide into oblivion and we’ll all go on about our business as usual.


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