Xbox Live Gets Original Content, GoPro Channel, Direct Uploads

Xbox Live Gets Original Content, GoPro Channel, Direct Uploads

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As the console wars wage on, Microsoft is taking some bold steps to offer more than just gaming to its customers. Not only is it ramping up production on a number of series, but it has partnered with UK’s Channel 4, GoPro and even has a new upload feature as part of the latest YouTube app. Take note Sony, because Microsoft has positioned the Xbox franchise to take the next step in gaming and become not only a console, but an entertainment hub for the entire gaming community.

Original Content for the Xbox TV Studio

Xbox’s TV studio currently has at least six series currently in development. These series range from a digital feature that they are creating in partnership with 343 Industries and Scott Free Productions to a “Halo” television series that is being executive produced by Steven Spielberg. They are also in development on a sketch show from JASH, a YouTube comedy network made up of and founded by some of the top comedians including Reggie Watts, Sarah Silverman and Michal Cera.

As Nancy Tellem, president of Xbox Entertainment studios, said,

This deal with Channel 4 and Kudos underscores Xbox Entertainment Studios’ commitment to programming premium TV series with global partners, and creating engaging interactive experiences — and sits alongside other original commissions including a Halo TV series executive produced by Steven Spielberg.

GoPro Comes to Xbox

Those with an Xbox Live Gold subscription will be happy to hear that GoPro is launching a new channel on Xbox 360 tomorrow that will soon come to the Xbox One as well. This channel will feature curated and exclusive content that will function as both entertainment and an online store. Perhaps the most interesting feature of this interaction is that viewers will see exactly which camera and accessories were used to create the footage and be able to purchase it directly from the console.

Upload Videos Direct from Console to YouTube App

Lastly, for those gamers who love their YouTube, the latest app will allow direct uploads from the console to the video sharing site. According to a recent post on YouTube’s blog site, part of the most recently updated version of the app for Xbox One allows gameplay saved on the Game DVR to be loaded directly to a YouTube channel with only two clicks. The app can also be run simultaneously with something else on the main part of the screen using Snap Mode and docked to one side of the screen. This is a great union for YouTube and gaming as it would allow users to not only follow along with gaming walkthroughs and how-to’s, but it would also allow content creators to seamlessly upload their own gaming content directly to the site.

While Sony’s PS4 has dominated the Xbox One in both total sales week to week sales, Microsoft continues to push on down the path of making their console about more than just gaming. By the numbers, Sony appears to have created a more “true” gaming console, but Microsoft is taking the steps necessary to ensure they are so much more.

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