Nike, Samsung are Most Shared 2014 World Cup Video Ads

Nike, Samsung are Most Shared 2014 World Cup Video Ads

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FIFA 2014 kicks off in a couple of weeks, and some of the world’s biggest brands are already cashing in on the attention that the soccer tournament is attracting. Nike, Castrol, and Samsung top the chart of the most shared World Cup focused video ads, according to a new report from our friends at Unruly. The video metrics company has released data that confirms the total number of shares that soccer ads have generated across Facebook, Twitter and blog sites.

Nike led the brands with 1.28 million social shares, followed by Samsung with 971,504, and Castrol with 962,206. World Cup sponsor Coca-Cola comes in at fourth place, but well below the top three, with just 353,067 shares. 54% of the most shared ads come from brands that aren’t affiliated with any kind of sponsorship with FIFA.

Highlights of the 2014 World Cup Video Social Sharing Report:

  • World Cup sponsor Kia, only made 26th place, Chevrolet, not affiliated in any way bags 12th place
  • Other Word Cup sponsors that fail to make the top 11 include Budweiser (16th), Sony (18th), McDonald’s (20th) and Johnson & Johnson (24th)
  • Chilean brand Cerveza Cristal takes the #11 spot, with its #ChileMeteMiedocampaign campaign. The ad features top Chilean soccer players Arturo Vidal, Claudio Bravo and Gary Medel re-enacting scenes from popular horror films.

world cup-video-shares

The top three brands have found success in the run up to the World Cup via viral video Nike’s ‘Winner Stays’ ad, uploaded in April has over 75 million views. Castrol’s ‘Footkthana,’ has generated nearly 15 million views, and Samsung’s ‘#Galaxy11: The Training’ is about to pass the 40 million view mark.

Brand vs Brand in World Cup Video Advertising

Unruly also compared brand against brand in terms of soccer-based video campaigns, and the shares they generated:

brand tracker world cup video ads

Unruly’s  ‘Braziliant Brands Tracker’ will be updated over the course of the tournament, keeping a close eye on which brands are scoring big in Brazil.


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