All In One Video Plugin for WordPress – Upload, Host, Edit, and More

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Kaltura has recently released version 2.1 of its WordPress plugin, the All in one Video Pack. This plugin for WordPress 2.5 or higher allows you to do a great deal of things with WordPress and rich media including the ability to upload or import a video into your post. You can even record it straight from your webcam to the post if you so wish.

Aside from the standard posting of content to the web, the Kaltura All in One Video Pack plugin lets you edit and remix video thanks to their online video editor. The plugin allows video in various formats including audio, photos and videos in over 150 formats and codecs. You can also import content from a variety of media sharing sites including:

  • YouTube
  • MySpace
  • Flickr
  • CCMixter
  • Jamendo
  • New York Public Library
  • Any URL on the web

The plugin isn’t just about watching video and other media, it’s also about interacting. It gives your viewers the ability to reply in video or audio form and participate in collaborative videos.

The plugin gives you tracking abilities as well, thanks to the management console. The plugin is Widget ready and offers a sidebar that shows thumbnails of the latest videos and comments.

In regards to the look and feel, the plugin gives you three options for the appearance of the player and you can customize the size of the player to fit your site.

Future Expansion

Kaltura is also continuing development on the plugin to include the ability to create, manage and display playlists, podcast playing and recording, video galleries and more advanced features for the player like subtitles, downloads, credits and more.

Why it’s important to you?

WordPress is used in over three million blogs and websites online. It’s one of the easiest content management systems to install, administer and customize. With its vast array of plugins to extend the basic functionality of the package it is able to do a large amount of things many people want. This plugin gives WordPress a massive boost in the multimedia category. However, it appears that there’s no way to monetize the videos you show yet aside from standard banner advertising. It doesn’t say anything about being able to include video ads but hopefully they’ll look into ways to include this in the future. When the video playlist features are in place you might be able to create a playlist that shows ads mid-roll so to speak by placing them in between chapters or other videos.

However, if you want to get interactivity and multimedia into your website blog or company site then this might be the perfect FREE solution for you. You can see examples of the plugin in action at the Kaltura blog.


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