How and Why Women Watch Online Video [Report]

How and Why Women Watch Online Video [Report]

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We’re ReelSEO so you know how we feel about online video and we know we’re not alone as over 456.6M videos were watched in 2012. But who is watching these videos and how? It’s a pretty safe bet to assume that both the males and females make up the viewing audience but a new survey from the Total Beauty Media Group gives us further insight into the viewing habits of women with some interesting results.

How Video Is Watched

According to the report, nearly 70% of women surveyed owned a smartphone but only 15% of those aged  over 34+ actually used it to watch a video. Consumption via desktop computer and laptop took precedence for that age group (the benefit of a larger screen) with smartphone/tablet use much more common for those under 34.

video via desktop computer

As for when video is watched, the afternoon and evening seems to be the preferred time for women between 25-34 although 30% of those surveyed do watch in the morning. Furthermore, 21% of those asked said they will watch up to 30 minutes of video if they are interested and nearly 50% of all participants confirmed that they will watch at least 10 minutes of video online per day. That’s good news for brands who are investing or want to invest in video content – if it’s good then we WILL take the time to watch (and share, comment, upvote, buy the product…..).

“If it isn’t on YouTube, it didn’t happen”

Unsurprisingly, YouTube is the go-to channel for video with 60% of the 25-34 age group subscribed to channels that interest them. The figure is slightly less with the younger age group at 40% but it’s clear that YouTube still dominates where access to video is concerned. Brands, news outlets and other publishers who aren’t uploading their content to YouTube as a matter of course need to be aware that they are missing out on a huge portion of potential views and engagement.

 Types of Video Watched

types of video watched

Overall, informational videos win the highest audience share with news and film and TV close behind. A staggeringly high 60% now use video tutorials in place of the more traditional offline media resources like magazines.

Access to free video content is extremely important although up to 40% of women will pay to watch a film online, and 17% willing to pay to watch a TV show. However, when it comes to other types of content, a payment wall is a serious barrier that many women will not cross.

You can request a copy of the report here.


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