A Wolverine Musical, Movie Supercuts, and One Bad Video [Fun Video Friday]

A Wolverine Musical, Movie Supercuts, and One Bad Video [Fun Video Friday]

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Last week, we had a huge batch of videos.  This week, we also have a huge batch of videos.  And almost all of them are good except for this one music video by someone who is probably trolling us all.  But we put it here for posterity.  Those of you who will lose their ability to love after watching such a video: don’t worry, something that will put a smile on your face immediately follows it.  And that’s the general feeling we hope you have with these videos.

Fun Video Friday for July 19, 2013

Glove & Boots puts on one heck of a Wolverine puppet musical:

John Marek is playing the guitar, the drums, and singing lead vocals all at the same time, without the aid of editing, in the song, “Back of My Head:”

Tom Grosset attempts to break the Guinness Book of World Records for most drum strokes in 60 seconds:

How It Should Have Ended tackles “Man of Steel:”

Slacktory puts together a fantastic supercut of people in movies going to movies:

This is a collection of terrible death scenes in movies:

Blade Runner takes a Speed Run in this thrilling and hilarious 60 seconds:

As a huge Breaking Bad fan, this 9-minute summary of what’s happened so far, before the last 8 episodes air, gave me chills it’s so good:

Chester See’s “First Impressions” takes a look at an action-packed first date:

Here’s a breathtaking look at Niagara Falls from a Quad-Copter:

277,275 dominoes went in, 272,297 dominoes ain’t comin’ back:

450 pounds of dynamite take down a power plant:

Conan O’Brien has the answer for those of you who don’t know what to sing to your cats:

This kitty getting rescued by a firefighter might tear you to adorable pieces:

A dog must protect his family from his own shadow:

This, my friends, is a Cheeto Cannon:

The title of this Jimmy Fallon clip is perfect:”Matt Harvey Asks New Yorkers About Matt Harvey:”

This is a borderline cruel prank from Roman Atwood, where people excited about an ice cream truck are told the ice cream is out and there’s only healthy options:

Magic of Rahat is allowed to go into Target and prank people with a shopping cart that looks like it’s moving by itself:

Shane Dawson gets Kristin Findley to play Miley Cyrus in this “We Can’t Stop” parody:

The Key of Awesome was not to be outdone on the Miley Cyrus parody sweepstakes, however:

Rachael Hurwitz has re-written Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic” so that it’s actually ironic:

This is either a prank or another person trying to get famous by being awful.  Whatever the case may be, your ears will bleed listening to Tay Allyn’s “Mass Text.”  If you can’t appreciate this, even ironically, then stay away:

Your ears are probably nearly shot listening to that.  But there is a rescue plan: Todrick Hall and Pentatonix run the gamut of popular songs in the Wizard of Oz-themed, “Wizard of Ahhhs:”

Well, this isn’t adorable at all: a baby growing up to be a year-old, a second of every day of his life:

Mark Malkoff of My Damn Channel gets 30 Rock’s Grizz Chapman to carry him around like a baby:

Buzzfeed Yellow wonders if you’re nerdy enough to understand these jokes:

CDZA wonders if you’re nerdy and musical enough to understand these musical instrument puns:

Buzzfeed takes a look at some mythological creatures around the world:

Mental Floss gives us the real names of 44 fictional characters:

Soul Pancake delves into the “Science of Happiness,” which involves gratitude:

NASA gives us a look at the zero-gravity coffee cup:

CGP Grey tells us how to become the British monarch:

VSauce asks, “Are We Ready for Aliens?”

As always, have a terrific Friday.


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