Wildscreen.tv Review – The Source for HD Video Sharing?

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wilscreen-tv-logoWell that’s what they say on their about page They go on to say:

“Wildscreen.TV lets video creators cash in, not sell out and offers 100% Ad Revenue to their users if they place their own adverts on their custom channel.”

That’s not such a bad ideal. But what’s behind the scenes? Well for starters it, like a million other services, is in beta apparently. I’m really getting tired of the overuse of the term actually. Beta is a testing-phase not a ‘go live’ phase and so if it’s in beta it should not be open to the public. But I digress.

In this case, they should be in beta testing as the site design is broken in Firefox 3 with overlapping text from menus and the logo. The overall site color scheme is dark which many equate with modern and I simply equate with…dark.

Wildscreen.tv doesn’t offer any type of shared-revenue channel. They don’t have accounts that you can link into and split revenue. Instead, Wildscreen.tv states that you’ll get 100% of revenue from your channel provided you supply your own ad network and ads. In fact they state you can have banner ads right at the top of your channel page from such ad networks as Adsense, Adbright, Amazon and eBay. So at least you can monetize your video channel there with some flexibility. However if you’re ineligible to be included in an ad network (for whatever reason) you simply can’t monetize here.

If you’re an advertiser looking for an outlet, then this might be a place for you as they are accepting flat monthly rate ads in a variety of sizes. Prices range from $90-250 a month or up to $2200 a year for a spot. They support leaderboard and 150 pixel square ads.

There are no file size limits or length limits which was always the bane of some other places. But I can’t see this being a huge bonus. I would prefer to have a five part series than one major hour-long program on Internet due to logistics and network connections etc. It just makes sense. However, they do state that “you upload bullshit, we will kick you out.” Now I’m not exactly sure how professional a statement like that is, but it’s up to you to decide if you want to use the service.

Wildscreen.tv apparently doesn’t do any kind of video processing but I could be wrong. They do accept the following formats – .mpg .mpeg .avi .divx .mp4 .flv .wmv .rm .mov .moov .asf .swf .vob. They don’t give you any guidelines on quality, compression, resolution or anything technical in fact.

Channels are almost completely customizable via CSS and you’re even allowed to embed widgets via the CSS fields mentioned.

An interesting feature at Wildscreen are compilations which are ‘video mixtapes’ as the site says. Groups of collections of like-minded video clips that then act as a channel together. Basically like categories I would imagine. Though it also has a genres list which would be much the same one might imagine. Perhaps genres are a super-category and compilations might be thought of as a sub-category.

The Final Cut

Overall it seems like Wildscreen is a university website development project that is actually still in beta. Almost a mish-mash of ideas – social network, video sharing site, entertainment avenue. It doesn’t particularly look to do any of them spot on though it doesn’t really miss the mark. Basically nothing stands out for me. However if you’re the Do-it-yourself type, you can customize your channel, get your ad networks in place and start pumping content into your channel to see how it works. Perhaps as a secondary revenue channel for your already existing content. If you’re using a site with no monetization (are there some still?) you might move over to this, but duplicating effort at Wildscreen and another place with monetization might not be the best use of your time. Also from what I can tell,it’s a German-owned site which is neither here nor there. Just a note on geographical location really. One final odd thing I’ve noticed is that not all video there has sound.

The Critic Says:

Maybe a wait and see approach is best on this production unless you really need a place to put your stuff.


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