Why Video Sharing Matters More Than You Might Realize

Why Video Sharing Matters More Than You Might Realize

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Unruly has been providing us with some great information for a long time.  They take the scientific approach to understanding how videos succeed, and emphasize sharing over actual views.  Of course, they are one of our sponsors at the Reel Summit at the end of the week (still time to register!).  Devra Prywes, VP of Marketing and Insight at Unruly, provided us with an article on video sharing, so let’s take a look at what she has to say.

Yes – You Need to Care About Video Sharing, Or You’re Losing Business.

We live in an age when consumers have more choices than ever before, with more brands and products competing for their attention across a growing number of devices. A war is underway for consumers’ share of mind and wallet. This isn’t a bleak view…rather, an exciting one! This uber-competitive climate offers new opportunities: consumers are more connected than ever before and able to immediately act on an advertiser’s message, whether at home, at work or on the go. These new technologies provide additional opportunities to reinforce product messaging and build a connection with consumers anytime and anywhere.

As potential consumers shift their entertainment and news consumption to online and social platforms, savvy brands have followed suit. The majority of video content is now consumed online, and online video creation continues to grow. Video is the perfect vehicle for moving an audience – as the music swells and the actors emote, the audience feels a connection.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then video is a bestselling novel. No other medium allows users to connect with a brand as quickly. Once emotionally hooked in the online space, viewers can interact with the content and its video player, by using a store locator, entering personal information to receive a free sample, signing up for a test drive, or purchasing a product. And they can share the video that moved them to action. Viewers share with their friends and family, who share with others who further share – amplifying a brand’s message to like-minded, targeted audiences.

Why is Sharing Important?

Unruly’s research has shown that, on average, each share leads to 25 additional views (and opportunities for a new generation of sharing). It’s electronic word-of-mouth (WOM). Nielsen studies have shown that consumers trust WOM more than any other medium, and WOM creates “advocacy,” which is 50x more likely to trigger a purchase (McKinsey). Social video, which is video shared online through social media platforms, is on the rise because it generates advocacy and also leverages the best attributes of the media it harnesses: the emotional power of video and the targeting and interactivity capabilities of the internet. It’s a non-interruptive, user-initiated format that is available on the sites and platforms these users already frequent. And, amazingly, users opt-in to view branded content in the hundreds of millions.

Brands benefit from people sharing their content. Third party research has shown that social viewers (people who watch content that has been shared with them vs. people who find the videos by themselves by browsing or watching pre-roll) are far more likely to act after watching branded content:

  • 49% claimed to have purchased the product
  • 38% claimed to have spoken with someone about the product
  • 13% claimed to have visited the product’s home page
  • Social recommendations increased brand recall and association +7%
  • Video enjoyment increased +14%.
  • Video enjoyment is key! Viewers who enjoy a video demonstrate +97% purchase intent (over people who watch but do not enjoy the content).

At Unruly, we share the science behind sharing to help brands create and launch content that will earn an army of “advocates,” who can directly drive purchases. And this content doesn’t need to be funny – there are many, many other ways to connect with viewers, and turn target audiences into engaged viewers and engaged viewers into customers and advocates.

For example, content doesn’t need to be funny to engage an audience and compel sharing. In fact, “funny” is the most common emotional trigger used in US branded videos, and also the most difficult to do well. In Unruly’s recent Science of Sharing White Paper, we actually suggest that brands stop trying to be funny, and move on to less often used psychological responses in order to gain cut through.

Unruly has been tracking social video views and shares since 2006, and with over 329 billion video streams tracked, we’re the global leader in launching branded social video campaigns. Unruly will share our research and insights in our ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit panel, “Making Your Videos Famous”, as we discuss the importance and value of a video “share” and present a case study on the success of the IBM 5 in 5 campaign with Robert Davis, Executive Director, Advanced Video Practice at [email protected] We’ll watch and score videos and showcase how IBM achieved success without a single laugh. Join Unruly’s session at 1:00 pm on Friday, July 26 to learn how to make your videos famous.

Come visit the Unruly Mobile Social Video Lab at the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit networking breaks and reception to learn more about how we track emotions and sign up here to book a mini lab tour.


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