Who Is Sending Referral Traffic and Views to Your Videos

Who Is Sending Referral Traffic and Views to Your Videos

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A successful video marketing strategy doesn’t end when you upload the finished article to your site or to YouTube or Vimeo. If you want your content to be highly visible then you need to make sure it’s being published elsewhere on the web such as blogger sites and social media. But how do you know which of these external traffic sources is working for you so you can reach out to site owners or other creators for further promotion or even collaboration? If you know which blogs and websites are sending the most traffic to your videos you can make more informed decisions about your content based on that knowledge and also use that information to find potential new partner sites to contact as part of your marketing outreach. This week on the Creator’s Tip, we look at several of the ways you can do this using YouTube Analytics and other tools.

YouTube Analytics: Embedded Playback Locations

To find out which websites are embedding your videos and sharing them with your readers you’ll need to see open your Analytics report via Video Manager and go to ‘Playback Locations’ in the ‘Views Reports’ section.

1. Click on ‘External websites’ to see a list of all of the websites who have embedded your videos within a specified date range. You can drill down further to see how many views the videos received on an external site, the location of the viewers who watched, and the average time watched.

2. You can do this for all videos on your channel or for individual videos.

playback locations

YouTube Analytics: Traffic Sources

To find out which sites didn’t embed your video but instead linked to it, go to ‘Views Report‘ and then ‘Traffic Sources‘.

1. Click on ‘External Website‘ to find out who has linked to your YouTube channel within the date range of your choice.

2. This report will also give you information about activity within YouTube such as who came to your channel or video via a playlist, a YouTube search or a suggested video link.

3. You can check the data for your whole channel or for an individual video.

traffic sources

Use Twitter To Find Out Who Is Sharing Your Videos With Their Followers

It’s easy to find out who is sharing your videos on Twitter with the following steps;

1. Copy the URL of the video and paste it into Twitter Search.

2. You can search on ‘Top‘ users or ‘All’ users to see who has shared your content. The top users will have a wider reach and some authority so start with this search and then expand into ‘All’. You can also search by selecting only those Tweeters you follow.

twitter search

What are your tips and tricks for reaching out to those who share your videos? Let us know in the comments below!


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