The Week’s Best Viral Videos & Marketing Lessons

The Week’s Best Viral Videos & Marketing Lessons

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Considering that I just shared some of my best viral video discovery websites with you yesterday, it’s entirely possible you’ve seen some of this week’s featured videos already. Tons of quality viral hits this week covering a variety of genres and topics. We have some truly impressive fan-made films, more cats and dogs doing silly things (which never goes out of style), and a truly eye-popping night-surfing video. Let’s not waste any more time before jumping into the videos…

Fan Films Are Getting Better

Do you know what rapidly-advancing technology does? It lets the masses create and achieve things that were previously the sole domain of the rich and elite. Now that cameras, microphones, and editing software are cheap and powerful, every day filmmakers like you and I can create things that look as good as a Hollywood production.

Like this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan film:

There are some suggestions I’ve seen online that this production isn’t actually a fan film, but rather a stealth studio project masquerading as a fan film, in an attempt to gauge audience interest levels… but time will tell.

Another great fan film I saw this week was Scott Pilgrim VS 60 Seconds.  It’s basically a remake of the Scott Pilgrim Versus The World movie (which was pretty inventive and unique, if you ask me) done in super rapid form. The production values, the performances, the imitation set pieces… this whole thing is terrific. If you’ve seen the original, you’ll love it:

Finally, there was yet a third fan-made film that went viral this week, called Fallout: Nuka Break. It’s a sixteen-minute adventure based on the mega-popular Fallout video game series, and again… pay attention to how fantastic this film looks, and then remember that it was made by a handful of amateurs. Even if you don’t like the story and the acting, you have to marvel at how little difference there is anymore between the picture quality and special affects abilities of the studios and the amateurs:

A lot of kids dream about growing up and being movie directors, I know I did well into my teens. The difference is that these days… you actually can be a movie director. With little expense and some good, old-fashioned practice, you can make films that look as good as what Hollywood puts out. And that’s going to change everything.

A Dog, A Cat, & A Dog and A Cat

I might as well make animal videos a recurring category in this column. They’re insanely popular, and there’s no end in sight to the perpetual supply of cute pet clips.

Like this Shiba-Inu, who can’t for the life of her figure out the iPhone:

Of course, no animal can rival Maru in a battle of cuteness. Even when he’s just playing with a simple piece of paper, Maru is endlessly entertaining:

While some pets win us over with adorable head turns and playfulness, other pets win us over with heart:

(And yes, in case you’re curious, that is the dreaded pit bull breed acting all motherly and loving).

Videos Are Art

Vimeo is an amazing place, and I find myself spending more and more time there browsing through the many great videos, most of which can legitimately be called art.  This week we saw two glaring examples of exactly how unique and artistic Vimeo creators can be.  First, we have what has to be the bravest surfer in the history of the world… surfing at night. Check it out:

Then, for a completely different type of art, check out Mateusz Zdziebko’s “Sampled Room,” which uses the sounds created by everyday objects to create a song:

Outstanding. If you have a bold creative streak, and you love making videos, Vimeo is a thriving and supportive community that will welcome you with open arms. Just look at the comments users leave there as compared to what you find at YouTube and you’ll see what I mean.

Hollywood and Madison Avenue have long believed they employed the most talented artists and creative types. But online video is proving that there are innovative geniuses all around us. I’m increasingly thankful for a video site like Vimeo that is so dedicated to artistic expression. Our next great film directors and ad executives might very well come straight out of that community.

Honorable Mention

If I had more time, I would also have talked about these great clips that are totally worth your time:


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