Wearables, 4K and Original Content: New Video Technology at CES 2014

Wearables, 4K and Original Content: New Video Technology at CES 2014

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The 2014 International CES, aka the Consumer Electronics Show, opens this week in Las Vegas. Some 20,000 new products and technologies will be unveiled at this year’s event. As Carla Marshall reported on Friday, YouTube has already confirmed that they will debut their 4K video streaming capabilities using Google’s VP9 video codec at CES this week. So, what other news can internet marketers and video content producers expect to see, hear, or read that will debut at the global Consumer Electronics and Technology tradeshow?

Three Hot Tips From The Experts

According to Jason Hiner of ZDNet, “While most of the biggest product announcements are no longer made at CES, the show still gives us an excellent opportunity to take the temperature of emerging technologies and to get a feel for the most important vibes in the tech industry for the year ahead.” And based on the updates he’s received from technology vendors on what they’re planning to unveil at CES 2014, here is one of the four biggest trends that will define this year’s show:

Wearables: Hiner says, “Google Glass generated more buzz than any other tech product in 2013 and the expectation for an Apple iWatch is shaping up to make it the most hotly-anticipated product of 2014. Make no mistake, other companies have been watching the hype and they’ve decided that wearable technology is what’s next for the tech industry.”

According to Eric Lundquist of eWeek, “hunting for the next big thing at CES, like hunting in general, is more about the journey than the catch.” Here’s one of the five big trends shaping the consumer electronics market in 2014 that he says will get lost among all the HDTVs, smartphones, tablets and other gadgets on the show floor:

Original Video Content Binge. Lundquist says, “It is great that the big TV vendors have driven down prices and increased screen size. I thought there might be an end to the large screen race. But LG’s plans to show off a 105-inch curved TV (can Samsung be far behind?) prove that the race for big-screen bragging rights is only heading in a different direction. But what is the content you will be watching on those big screens? Both Netflix with ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Orange Is the New Black’ as well as Amazon with ‘Alpha House’ and ‘Betas’ showed the true innovation in consumer television by combining their distribution with great scripting and top production values. I know CES is essentially a hardware show. But software in the form of original programming from nontraditional sources is the current big consumer TV story.”

According to Tim Bajarin of PCMag.com, says, “Although a lot of us complain about having to go to Vegas to cover this event, the geek inside us wants the chance to play with the coolest tech gadgets on the market and be among the first to see products that will be out in the new year.” He’s has been going to the Consumer Electronics Show since 1975 (when video recorders were a bid deal), and here’s one of the eight trends to look for at CES 2014: 

4K TVs and monitors will be cheaper. Bajarin says, “At Dell World (in December), Michael Dell said the company would have 4K monitors on the market sometime in 2014 for around $1,000. Its cheapest model now is $3,495. At least one television manufacturer is said to be launching a 4K TV at around $1,000 at the show, and I expect to see others that will probably be priced around $2,500. That’s well below at the range of $3,500 to $12,000 that they go for today. I realize that there is very little programmed content available to take advantage of 4K, but I expect personal content will get quite a boost as I hear digital camera vendors will show 4K products at the show at much lower prices than we have today. Meanwhile, many studios are moving to the 4K format, so we could finally see some trajectory of these Super HD products starting in 2014.”

So, why did I pick these three journalists to be my “native guides” through the dense jungle of CES? Well, I helped launch ZDNet in 1995 when I was the director of corporate communications at Ziff-Davis. And Lundquist and Bajarin were friends and colleagues of mine back then. So, I know, like and trust their expert observations. Besides, I tried to do a little remote exploration on my own – while hunkered down in Boston, which was especially hard-hit by the first major storm of 2014. And after spending more than half an hour watching all 61 videos in the 2014 Press Pitch playlist, here are the three best ones that I could discover by myself:

Video Technology to Watch Out For at CES 2014

#2 CES 2014 30 second tablift pitch by Scott Blevins 

The bed is the #1 place tablets are used, however until the tablift, there have been no good solutions to holding a tablet in bed.

#44 WatzOn.TV 30 second spot by Watzon WatzOnTV 

Imagine the TV Network of the future. 2000+ free channels of new exciting content daily from millions of sources and it only shows the things you want to see.

#61 Yellow Jacket™ | CES 30 Second Pitch Video by Yellow Jacket™

Yellow Jacket is The World’s Only Stun Gun iPhone Case which houses a rechargeable battery that virtually doubles the life of your phone while giving the user a sense of protection.

Now, I realize that these are pretty slim pickings. That’s why I turned to the experts. Sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know that counts.


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