We Could Watch These Cat Videos Forever… No, Seriously

We Could Watch These Cat Videos Forever… No, Seriously

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Happy National Cat Day 2013!! And if you were one of the lucky ones who had cuddle kittens delivered to your office today then I secretly hate you but have kept myself busy looking for the best cat videos ever. There’s a mix of branded and user generated cat content here and they’ve all pretty much gone viral in terms of views and shares. So much squeeeee. No Nyan cat though, sorry.

Canadian advertising agency John St made one of our favourite cat videos of all time with their playful surrender to the power of ‘catvertising‘. With 2,145,184 views, it proves that it’s not only videos that feature our feline friends that do well. Videos that talk about cat videos can also go viral.

This is a fantastically clever and funny ad from Cravendale that imagines a world where cats have opposable thumbs and ideas above their station. Released in March of 2011 it has generated 684,076 Facebook shares, 161,427 Twitter shares and 741 blog posts to date.

1,142,329 viewers have shared the Shelter Pet Project’s cat horror at the misuse of the garden sand box. 275,123 Tweeters and 116,981 Facebook users also joined in. Just poop already!

I adore cats but Stalking Cat (42,119,934 views) gives me the creeps. He’s got his own Twitter account so he can stalk you there too.

Of course Keyboard Cat! 33,132,949 views and no sign of going away anytime soon.

Ikea let 100 cats into their North London store and filmed them doing what cats usually do – finding somewhere to sleep as fast as possible. 2,411,262 views and 235,422 social shares later they are still finding cat hairs down the back of the sofas.

Yay for Simons Cat! Now part of a massively successful franchise, this was one of the first (and I think, still the best) of the bunch. Watch in awe as the cat grows increasingly frustrated at his owner for not waking up in a prompt enough manner. 44,801,995 views to date.

Mom cat cuddles kitten. 53,345,541 viewers turn to their own cats and do the same.

Best. Cat. Video. Ever. Now at 71,789,295 views, the 17 second video of kitten ‘Atilla Fluff’ being tickled was uploaded to Reddit in November 2009 and went ballistic over the next few weeks. After being featured by Tosh.0 and Ray William Johnson ‘Surprised Kitty’ is the gift that keeps on giving.

We couldn’t leave without a saying a huge ‘Happy Cat Day’ to Rikki, ReelSEO’s mascot and good luck charm. Here he is snuggling up to our founder, Mark, on a particularly productive work day.


Stats courtesy of YouTube and VAN


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