Vzaar IPhone App Allows Video Uploads From The Road

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No longer must you scurry back to your video editing lair to plug-in, transfer and upload your iPhone videos to Vzaar. As of last week, they have an iPhone App that will let you do it on the fly.

Vzaar, the video hosting platform late last week released their first iPhone application that will give you the ability to update your online video content without having to head back to your desktop.

Not only update, but also upload. You can also check in on your videos and see what’s going on with your viewership as well as manage all of your content. Since it hooks right into their site you can also use it as a presentation platform to show your videos while conferring outside of the conference room and out of the office.

This release comes on the back of the Objective-C Framework for its API. vzaar’s API enables companies to programmatically interact with the their platform and the new framework is designed for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) developers who want to integrate video into their projects.

The iPhone app is available to download from the iTunes apps store here: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/vzaar-video-app/id372249790

Now I’ve gone and fooled around with it a bit. The Dashboard gives you a quick rundown of your account including:

  • number of videos
  • number of plays
  • Recently uploaded videos

At the bottom are links to Videos, Settings and Uploading. Clicking on a recently uploaded video drops you right into the interface for doing things like getting the embed code, sharing and deleting or renaming (both under tools). You can also play the video from there.

The app lets you manage multiple Vzaar accounts and connect to Twitter via whatever usable apps you have installed (I have Safari and Echofon). Upload lets you give some details of the video like title and size and then choose the video you want to upload. However, it obviously won’t work on the iPhone versions that didn’t have video capture even if you happen to have a video on the phone it won’t find it from what I can tell because tapping “Choose Video” seems to actually be “choose video source.” Also under Settings you can tell it to prefer uploading via Wi-Fi instead of the mobile network.

I’m sure the Vzaar Labs are still working on updates to it to increase functionality, but as a first go at it, it’s got just about everything you might need to manage your Vzaar account and playback videos on it (which it does admirably I must say).


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