Vzaar Adds HD Video To EBay Selling Manager

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Vzaar, the video hosting service, have now got their new eBay Selling Manager Application approved and ready for users. The application is the first eBay approved to bring video capabilities to the platform as well as customizable video players.

Vzaar, which was founded in 2007 by former eBay UK employees has been rapidly expanding its services and offerings.The new vzaar application for the Selling Manager platform allows eBay sellers to quickly add video to eBay listings giving them a far better presentation overall. Selling Manager subscribers can drop in their videos in a matter of seconds via the application whether the listing is already live of scheduled to go live in the future.

The basic application is freely available to Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro subscribers. There are some premium application packages as well that offer bulk listings of videos and unbranded video players along with other advanced features. These packages are available at extra cost to sellers.

Vzaar is already pushing over 50,000 video listing a month on eBay and this will just work to expand their dominance on the platform. Videos generally work best for things that require visuals as a text description and static images just won’t do the item justice.


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