Vusion Helps You Store and Sell HD Video Online

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Vusion offers cloud-based video services and now offers up new packages for small and medium-sized business to offer HD from their websites.

The new version 3.0 of their VideoFlow Management System provides the foundation for simplicity, affordability and loyalty measurement services.  This means that even the smallest of firms can now contend with those massive multi-national corps in some respects.

Any small and medium business that wants to profitably grow by capturing their unique expertise on HD video and sell access to that expertise on the Internet can buy packages at starting at $35 per month. These new e-commerce packages allow companies to easily start uploading, managing and streaming full-screen HD video from their website today.

Vusion’s new packages are offered in buckets of hours, bucking the trend to charge in gigabytes transferred and stored. Each package provides a set number of hours of streaming, storage and encoding. This makes it much easier for a business to budget for their video costs by estimating the hours viewed and stored.

Read on for all sorts of technical information about what Vusion and their FullVu Player offer your company.

There are a number of things to look for when evaluating Internet HD video. These include:

  --  Color richness: Vusion's FullVu player and HD services do a better job
      of maintaining the rich colors found in the original source file.
  --  Full-screen:  To get the best possible viewing experience, full-screen
      has to be designed in from the start throughout the entire video
      distribution chain. The viewing experience is determined by the
      streaming services, the video player, the bandwidth and the power of
      the viewer's computer.  Vusion optimizes this entire chain to deliver
      outstanding full-screen experiences.
  --  Motion:  Vusion's services optimize fast moving video without jerky
      movements and pixilation found with other video streaming offerings.
  --  Seeking:  Vusion's customizable player allows viewers to click
      anywhere on the video players' progress bar and instantly start
      playing at that point without buffering.

  Vusion FullVu Player 3.0

Vusion’s newly updated FullVu Player 3.0 has many capabilities to deliver the best possible viewing experience for end users. These include:

  --  Fast full-screen switching:  Quickly switch to full-screen without
      jerky video and sound.
  --  Content control:  As videos are streamed, end users can't repurpose
      Vusion video content by posting them on YouTube or other sites like
      they can with other video.
  --  Easy language switching: (audio and subtitles); Companies can extend
      their reach worldwide by adding new audio and subtitle tracks at
      anytime even after videos have been published.  By right clicking when
      viewing, end users can select their language choice.
  --  Reach 95% of PCs and Macs:  Reach 95% of broadband Internet enabled
      PCs and Macs while other HD players only play on high-end computers.
  --  Smoothrate switching:  Vusion's unique Smoothrate technology adapts
      the video bit-rates to the end-users' computer resources and bandwidth
      available to drive the best possible viewing experience.
  --  Customization: Vusion customers can build custom play lists and skins
      to promote their brand.

  Vusion VideoFlow Management System 3.0

The all-new Vusion VideoFlow 3.0 has many new capabilities. These include:

  --  Self-service wizard:  Easily upload, customize and publish videos. 
      Vusion customers don't need to know anything about video technology to
      manage their own video content.
  --  Advanced video management:  Create playlists, manage individual
      videos, video metadata, subtitles, keywords and other information.
  --  Role-based administration:  Create multiple sub-accounts with
      different permissions for video content management.
  --  Reporting and analytics: See what videos are watched the most,
      including a geographic map of where they are watched. Select any time
      period to determine when and where videos are being watched.

  Vusion Loyalty Measurement Services (LMS)

Vusion is the first company to pioneer the use of an end-user viewer loyalty survey and metrics to help companies understand emotional loyalty, not less impactful behavioral loyalty. The all-new service is pioneered by the work of Dr. Peter Wilton at the University of California at Berkeley. Please see the website for a loyalty short course video from Dr. Wilton.

  The new Loyalty Management Services include:
  --  Training on benefits of customer loyalty.
  --  Simple survey questions at the end of each video.  Results are more
      reliable when surveying at the time of viewing.
  --  Consolidation of survey results into Dr. Wilton's proprietary
      framework to help small and medium business begin to understand the
      linkage of loyalty to profitability.

  Vusion HD Streaming Cloud

Vusion offers better experience and more affordable prices because Vusion has developed the technology for high performance video encoding, hosting and streaming. Vusion customers don’t need to buy separate CDN services. There are no “hidden charges” nor “surprise” complexities like most other video solutions.

  --  Vusion Cloud Encode:  Supports almost all video formats for video
      encoding and transcoding.
  --  Vusion High Performance Streaming Server:  10 times higher streaming
      throughput than Flash streaming servers.  Vusion Smart Video
      Replication assures that video is available everywhere for high
      performance on-demand streaming. The Vusion technology is firewall
      friendly in case end-users are watching from behind a corporate
      firewall or a home router.
  --  Vusion High Performance Media Storage: The Vusion High Performance
      Media Storage is a multi-tier storage architecture designed to exceed
      the demanding needs of HD video streaming for scalability, performance
      and ultimately the end-user experience. High Performance Media Storage
      clusters provide replication, redundancy and high availability.
  --  API Level Customization: FullVu player APIs allow for access to player
      controls, aspect ratio, sizing, language, modes, URLs and bit-rates.
      VideoFlow APIs allow for access to session management, reporting data,
      metadata, media storage, playlists, secure syndication, accounts and

  New, Simplified Pricing

Vusion is now offering four pricing packages at . Each package can be purchased by credit card and has a pre-set number of hours of streaming, storage and encoding. Prices start as low as $35 per month! There are no hidden fees for upfront charges. Customers can buy on a monthly, 6-month or annual plan with discounts for longer time periods.


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