List of WebM Browsers and Media Players: Watch WebM VP8 Video

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You all know you want to know how to do stuff and we the Reel Masters are back with a new how-to round up. This time we’re going to show you how to watch WebM/VP8 encoded video.

Really, it’s all in the software. What you need is either a video player or web browser that is capable of video playback for WebM and VP8 encoded video. Just which are able to do that? Read on oh curious one.

Web Browsers Supporting WebM Video

Support for WebM and VP8 has been announced officially for Internet Explorer 9 but there is still no word on when it will be ready.

Apple’s Safari has not announced any support for the codec. Considering their a bastion of H.264 (and really cool engineering which doesn’t always work) they probably won’t support it directly.

Desktop Media Players for WebM

Several media players have already incorporated WebM/VP8 playback into their software as well. Check out these offerings if you want to download or stream it without a web browser.

  • VLC (v1.1.0 added WebM decoding and encoding if you want to make video as well)
  • Moovida Core (Linked to from the WebM project but don’t have any info on their site about support)
  • Miro (Announced conversion almost immediately after WebM went Open Source, therefore should also play right?)

Free Web-Based Media Players for WebM

Most of these are really only useful if you want to show WebM on your site, but I thought I would include them anyway.

Commercial Players for WebM

You’re kidding right? Why would I tell you where to spend money when you can do it all for free? After all WebM is open source. Open source should be free, so go get one of those free things up there and save that cash for something else…like buying cool gear from the Free Software Foundation like these two items below (no, we do not get kickbacks from them, I just think these shirts are cool and support a good cause).

Yes I’ve been quoted as once saying DRM does have a use…it doesn’t mean I like it :D


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