Vizio Tablets Now Come With Three Free Months Of Hulu Plus

Vizio Tablets Now Come With Three Free Months Of Hulu Plus

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Vizio tablets now come with a special free gift included, as the company has announced that purchasers of its 8″ Android-powered Vizio tablets are eligible to receive three months of free Hulu Plus. The app will be auto-loaded through an update that will begin rolling out today and new subscribers can get three months free.

Hulu Plus on Vizio Tablets For New Subscribers

What the hell?! New subscribers only? Well I suppose that it wouldn’t be all that hard to fool it into thinking you haven’t get an account with them but with an offer like this, it seems like a scam to only offer it to new Hulu users. It even offers the ability for those with Vizio Internet Apps-compatible HDTVs to pause on the tablet and continue on the TV.

It seems a good deal. Packing in a couple months of a paid service to entice fence-sitting consumers to but your product. Plus, it’s like the drug dealing profession, get them hooked with a free sample, then start charging them to get their fixes.

Perhaps the seriously ailing, 40%-stock-price-dropping Netflix could try to cut some deals to get a similar deal in hopes of making up some of those lost 800,000 subscribers which caused the recent price drop in their stock.  Well, at close today they were down just 34.90% or $41.47 per share. Ouch!

Sorry, back to the topic at hand.

The real question about the whole deal is more along the lines of, is a $24 subscription to Hulu enough to get consumers to plunk down $260-270 for an Android tablet with just a single core CPU, 512MB of RAM and 2GB of storage? After all, there are some other tablets on the market that offer more for around the same price.

Another major question is, what’s Hulu’s deal? Do they feel that the only way to get more subscribers or get them at a faster pace is to resort to this sort of deal? Is this a new direction they’re taking now that they’re past that moving out of the parents’ house. I’ll try to get a quick word in with Hulu and see what they have to say.


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