Viral Video Nostradamus – Flash Mob, Baseball Prodigy and Dancing Kids

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Viral Nostradamus is our companion piece to the weekly Viral Round Up articles, and takes a look at the opposite end of the viral life cycle.  The goal is to try and discover new videos that have viral potential, and predict their ability to skyrocket in views.  This week, we have three new videos with low view counts, each of which I think stands a very good chance of going viral.

Ole Miss Student Union Jai Ho Break-Out

Viral Ingredients:  Flash mob, spontaneous dance, student creativity

Uploaded:  One day ago, April 29th, 2010

Current View Total:  19,849

2-Year-Old Baseball Phenom

Viral Ingredients:  Talented kid, never-before-seen display, cuteness

Uploaded:  Three days ago, April 27, 2010

Current View Total:  6,818

Nigerian Dancing Kids

Viral Ingredients:

Uploaded:  Two days ago, April 28, 2010

Current View Total:  3,495

How did I do on my last round of predictions?

Let’s take a quick look back at my last set of picks and see how well I did:

Star Wars Uncut Trailer
View count upon prediction:
View count today: 347,000
Prediction outcome: correct

Iowa Teen Makes Prom Dress From Gum Wrappers
View count upon prediction:
View count today: 154,000
Prediction outcome: correct

Golf Gods Versus Phil Mickleson
View count upon prediction:
View count today: 60,830
Prediction outcome: incorrect

I was 1-for-3 in my first round of predictions, and 2-for-3 this week.  That’s what I call a 33% jump in accuracy!  Check back next time for a new round of predictions and to see if this week’s picks proved to be viral hits.


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