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Viral Video Friday: Condoms, Cartoons, Candy Bars and Cars

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Carla is off the grid today so I have plugged in to take a look at this week’s viral videos and give you a quick run down. So it’s time to sit back, grab some lunch and watch some viral videos all in the name of research for work. Hey, that’s how I pass off loads of things I do every day, after all, we all work in online video and things like branded content have massive up swell these days so it is best to be informed. Plus, it’s downright fun.

March is about to head off and let April come out and play.

Durex Earth Hour

Tomorrow, March 29th 8.30p to 9.30p, is Earth Hour 2014. It challenges everyone to take a single hour and drop your phones, flip the switch on your tablets, unplug from the Internet hivemind and reconnect with the Earth and the people around you. Almost ironically, Earth Hour has an Instragram contest, “This year, join Earth Hour’s superhero ambassador Spider-Man and share how you’re a Superhero for the planet – on Instagram. Use #EarthHour#SpiderMan and #YourPower.”

Durex on the other hand wants you to unplug from the electronics and, er, plug into your partner, as it were, with their Turn off to turn on campaign. The video shows various couples in a range of situations but all with one thing in common, electronics getting in the way of true connections with the people you love. Over two weeks it’s pulled in almost 7M hits.

Freedom Tower Base Jump

This video does something I’ve never seen before, it posts the legal representation right in the description, just in case someone wants to sue the poster because it features a base jump off the Freedom Tower in New York. Turns out, James Brady, the BASE jumper in question, is also an ironworker who not only helped build the tower but also placed the girder signed by President Obama. Talk about taking a risk with your career. He and his cohorts were later arrested. So now the question remains, should they be criminals or are they heroes of the people expressing the freedoms that the Freedom Tower stands for? Either way, the attention got them 2.9M views this week, and the story shows exactly how much we are under surveillance in this country. Be sure to read how they were tracked down.

Snickers Slips Up

Snickers has had this “you’re not you when you’re hungry” going for some time now and featured a good variety of U.S. celebs. But when they went down under to continue making their point, they may have made the wrong one and made fun of a serious topic. The video in question is clearly a Snickers ad and featured Australian construction workers calling out to women on the street. Now that sounds bad, but it wasn’t, because they weren’t cat calls, they were calls of empowerment, compliment and social statements about gender inequality. It was done quite well, but then Snickers made a misstep and at the end they made it seem like a big joke, thereby implying that gender inequality was also a big joke. Tsk, tsk, Snickers. Seems like it should have been the other way round in the end.

Cartoon Nerds Unite!

I’m a cartoon nerd. I love nothing more than lying on the couch on a Sunday or Monday with a cup of coffee (or a bloody mary as required) and watching a few hours of cartoons on Netflix or whatever. I grew up when Saturday morning cartoons were the only reason to crawl out of bed so early and grab a bowl of cereal. Cartoons have come a long way since then and to prove it, here’s a video with just 500,000 views from Carnegie Hall featuring 43 cartoon theme songs… can you catch them all?

Ronald McDonald Loves Taco Bell?

It seems that dozens of Ronald McDonalds do in fact. Check out this clever ad for Taco Bell’s breakfast offerings, which I imagine one eats when they are coming home really, really late from the bars…

There are several of these with the highest views being around 500,000 for one. Deutsch L.A. did the creative work.

House of Thrones

Take a Netflix original and mix it with an HBO hit show and well, just watch the video. Well done Quizno’s.

Almost made me want to run out to Quizno’s for a second there.

Car Wars! Poolside vs. Upside

When I was a kid Steve Jackson Games put out a game called Car Wars. You basically built the meanest automobile you could, equipped it with weapons both offensive and defensive, and then went to town, in the figurative sense of that phrase. Now, Ford and Cadillac seem to be duking it out for dominance in the hybrid market. While it might seem like dirt slinging (watch the video) Ford contends that it’s lighthearted and not at all poking fun of the ultra-pompousness of Cadillac or their chosen spokesperson for the ad in question. I will let you all decide.

In the tale of the tape, Poolside has 1.1M views but was published on Feb 7th. Meanwhile, Upside has just 56K, but that’s just 2 days worth of videos.

That’s a Wrap

Sure, there might be some other videos getting more attention (like Katy Perry’s Dark Horse which is still causing a stir and PewDiePie which topped 67M views this week) but the videos in today’s article were more about ads and branded content whenever possible. Wouldn’t it be something if it comes out that Red Bull were paying the legal fees for James Brady? That is their kind of stunt..


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