What B2B Videos Can Learn from What Goes Viral

What B2B Videos Can Learn from What Goes Viral

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First, tell a story about people. In B2B videos, it’s not enough to merely demonstrate, explain or show a product. Successful business video presentations, those that lead to more clicks or a phone call, are resonant, authentic, compelling and memorable. They achieve their effect by making human relationships – not just product information – the star.

Successful business videos embody human qualities:

  1. Trustworthiness or Warmth
  2. Expertise or Intelligence
  3. Comfort or Compatibility

Creative, Viral Business Video Examples:

Deloitte’s Born to Consult recruitment video surprises MBA candidates by featuring a precocious 12-year-old with swagger in the role of interviewer. It cuts between multiple interview scenes showing a wide range of candidate types, leaving a quirky and personable impression that humanizes the company.

For a fully transmedia experience, the video description in YouTube then points to Deloitte’s interactive website.

Mid-size accounting firm Withum Smith & Brown’s flash mob video, originally created for the firm’s annual state-of-the-firm meeting, got more than 45,000 hits, inadvertently becoming a great recruiting tool. An energetic middle-aged executive, such as a law firm’s managing partner, boards a commuter train and finds himself in a flash mob to LMAFO’s “Party Rock.”

Notice the enthusiasm of viewers who commented on the site. One says,

“I’m an accounting student now. If you guys are hiring next year, I’m totally applying for a job with you guys!”

Another says, “Who says accountants have to be boring?”

Prudential’s Day One — Mujahid Abdul-Rashid is one in a daily series of documentary-style videos that puts a human face on a statistical truth: that 10,000 Americans per day are retiring. They comprise the biggest generation in history. In this video, home-spun moments are the stars, from playtime with toddlers in the front yard to food prep in the kitchen, all poignantly voiced over with the retiree’s inner thoughts on his, or her, momentous first day.

In business law firm videos, the best opportunities lie in directly addressing the needs of clients. The leaders in the legal video race are 2 mid-size firms, Womble Carlyle, as shown on Vid4Pro.com, and Allen Matkins. They have incorporated video as part of their marketing culture.

Elite doesn’t Mean Inhuman

Most articles about B2B videos suggest adopting a creative approach, but few address a core difference. While most B2C products sell lower-priced products to the masses, most B2B videos aim at a more elite and educated audience, those who make buying decisions on behalf of their companies, spending hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

But higher stakes and a well-informed audience don’t mean that B2B videos must be strictly professional in tone.

Relationships, with a hint of “Product”

The perfect hybrid – is a B2B video that takes what is effective about B2C – communicates a relationship or a potential relationship first and foremost, with “product” tossed in lightly as seasoning.

Executives are Watching

A recently released report created by Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs shows that 70% of B2B marketers are using video; that is an 18% increase from last year. Why not make them more compelling by also making them more human?

Eighty percent of senior executives now watch business videos weekly and more than half of them visit the company’s website afterward (Forbes Insights), proving that the right audience is out there, hoping you’ll give them something to not only watch but also to share and remember.

As you can see the statistics are real. B2B can create their own creativity or be inspired by the engagement tactics from B2C videos. B2B marketers just need to think about how to package their complex messages and product descriptions in a simple, fun and visual way.

The best business videos will include engaging and relevant stories, metaphors and visuals that you will remember for years.

That is what B2B videos will need to incorporate to flourish in the online video world of dancing babies and jumping kittens.

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