5 Best Branded Vines of the Week: 30th April 2014

5 Best Branded Vines of the Week: 30th April 2014

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Gardening, photography, fashion, smartphone chargers, and mouth-burning snacks all feature in this week’s pick of the best branded Vines of the past 7 days. Hot on the heels of the S5, Samsung release the Kzoom, a smartphone with a 20MP camera and 10x optical zoom making it a serious competitor to Sony’s Xperia Z2 and the Nokia Lumia 1020. The brand took to Vine to show just how much they have packed into such a slim phone. Burberry also impressed us this week with a whole fashion show squashed into 6 seconds. Doritos Vine for the new Cheetos/Doritos snack combination may be slightly less ambitious but hey, it features the world’s best dinosaur so that’s enough to get a mention.

Thanks to our friends at Unruly for the suggestions.

Best Branded Vines of the Week

#1 SamsungMobile

Ever wanted to know what happens when you squish a 10x optical zoom lens into a Galaxy Kzoom? Launched just yesterday, Samsung’s new smartphone comes with all sorts of photography gubbins so you can capture every moment.

#2 Currys PC World

Find yourself stuck for something to read but the battery on your smartphone is at a dangerously low level. The PowerCard is a credit-card sized charger that promises to come to your request should you forget to carry your charger with you at all times (and seriously, who even does that anyway?).

#3 Doritos

Food mash-ups can be a bit hit or miss (green-tea flavored Kitkats anyone? Blergh) but this Cheetos/Doritos combination is absolutely inspired. If you like your snacks flaming hot of course.

#4 Burberry

International Fashion Brand Burberry condense their Shanghai show down to just 6 seconds in this incredibly vibrant, slightly surreal Vine. And yes, that is face-of-the-moment doing her Mary Poppins schtick right at the end.

#5 The Home Depot

As we dive head-first into DIY and gardening season, The Home Depot kicks off its #SpringMadeSimple campaign with this neat stop-motion video from Vineographer Hunter Harrison.


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