5 Best Branded Vines of the Week: 2nd April 2014

5 Best Branded Vines of the Week: 2nd April 2014

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Yay, April Fools is finally over for another year and we can go back on the internet without fear of being bored to death by oh-so-hilarious pranks. We’re being harsh, of course, some brands actually did a pretty understated job of getting their prank across and we love them all the more for it. Dunkin Donuts made us empathize with their donut-on-a-ceiling conundrum, while Samsung made us go all gooey over a pudgy puppy. Non-April Fool’s related Vines include a double helping of Vine magic-man Zach King plus a breakfast-themed clip from Taco Bell. H/T to our friends at Unruly for the suggestions.

Best Vines of the Week

#1 Dunkin Donuts

Let’s get the April Fool’s content over with first of all. Dunkin Donuts sacrificed 12 yummy donuts by gluing them to the ceiling, which is a criminal waste of such lovely food but a necessary one in the name of tent-pole marketing.

#2 Samsung Mobile

Next up, Samsung uploaded a very plausible (pawsible?) April’s Fool video for the canine version of the Gear Fit Band. A very squeezable puppy takes to the park wearing his brand new ‘PuppyFit’ and doesn’t he look exhausted after that little run? *Squeezes*

#3 Samusung Camera

Zach King featured in our best Vine’s post last week with that impressive selfie/wefie clip (and here’s how they did it). He’s back again this week with another great looped 6-second video for the #NXmini. You can see the joins a little more in this one but still, a fantastic use of the medium.

#4 Coca-Cola

Well, hello again Zach. Mr King, Vine’s very own magician superstar, collaborates with Coca-Cola and Five Guys (Burgers and Fries) to turn a couple of paper napkins into a couple of thirst-quenching drinks. One of which we’re pretty certain must be a coke. Unless this is another April Fools.

#5 Taco Bell

Lastly, now that Taco Bell has actually launched their insanely anticipated breakfast menu, what better way to demonstrate the draw of the mighty WaffleTaco than by encouraging a sleepover in the very place they are made. Those chairs look super comfy to nap on…..


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