Vine’s New Embed Capabilities About to Make it Grow A Little Bit More

Vine’s New Embed Capabilities About to Make it Grow A Little Bit More

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Today, Vine introduced an update to their application today that increases the embedding capabilities, adds some fun little bells and whistles, and includes iOS devices.  The ability for a video to be embedded easily and without extra work is the type of thing that helped YouTube become the juggernaut it is today.  Not that Vine is going to all the sudden be YouTube, but ease-of-use is a big deal.  We’ve seen all sorts of neat things coming from Twitter’s recently-acquired video application, and several brands have used it in cool ways.  So let’s take a look at what the updated Vine can do.  Hat tip, Sarah Perez at TechCrunch.

Vine Updates Embed Capabilities and iOS Functions

With the new embed capabilities, one can use the “simple” display, which merely shows the video, or you can show it “postcard” style, which provides more information about the video along with a potential message. Here’s what Major League Baseball did with it:

With that, Vine is now more easily embeddable on Twitter and Facebook, with some simple buttons to press:


The options above can be seen on your own posts as well as others’ posts.  What’s more, as long as a user has shared their post outside of Vine, others can also share the same post.  That’s where these things can “go viral” if someone can make a cool 6-second video worth sharing.

Vine has been all over the place this week with the major coup of scoring the first look at The Wolverine, and news that it has (although on a small scale) become the main video-sharing service very quickly after being acquired by Twitter.

Click here to see more examples of this in action.

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