Vine Finally Comes to Android

Vine Finally Comes to Android

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Vine launched on iOS devices in January, and since it took off everyone with an Android device wanted to know when they could take part in the 6-second fun.  Well, it’s official: Vine is on Android now, for everyone who is at the lofty perch of 4.0.  13 million people have a Vine app on their iOS device after 5 months of release.  Of course, even with the exciting news, the current version on Android isn’t complete, but the basics are there.  And, it does have a unique Android feature: on Galaxy S4 and HTS One, the new Vine app supports the zooming feature.

Vine on Android: At Last!

Vine has easily become the #1 video-sharing app in its short time in release, and with the Android support, it’s likely to shoot through the moon.  Video sharing is not as prevalent as photo sharing and probably never will be.  But with Vine, at least it’s made a bit of a dent.

Here’s what’s not on the Android version right now, but will probably soon be:

  • Front-facing camera
  • Push notifications
  • Hashtags/Mentions (which we discussed here)
  • Searching for People/Hashtags

Anyway, good to see that Vine has finally made the plunge to Android.  And hopefully we’ll see even more creative uses of the 6-second video limit in action soon.


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