Vimeo, YouTube, ITV, DailyMotion See SEO Boosts as Google Panda (Farmer) Update Hits UK

Vimeo, YouTube, ITV, DailyMotion See SEO Boosts as Google Panda (Farmer) Update Hits UK

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Searchmetrics did some research into how top websites were affected by that big Google algorithm update back in February that has been harshing the mellow of many website owners. The reason for the report is that as of Wednesday, the update went live across the planet, previously it was just on Now, all English-language Google users will use the same algorithm. That means some sites can expect even further impact to their numbers. On the bright side (for Google), YouTube managed to gain almost 19% in SEO visibility. Figures, right?

They’re not the only online video sites to see big jumps actually. Of the top 20 winners there are several notable online video sites.

DomainVisibility (OPI) newVisibility (OPI) olddifference%

I left a few others in there that are notable because of their increase. Techcrunch and both topped 40% while Mashable managed a hefty 22% increase. Slashdot saw an amazing 242.8% rise along with Psychology Today who got 201%. ReadWriteWeb, also saw 152% rise. In regards to actual online video, ITV got the best boost with 22% followed by YouTube and Vimeo in the 19% region with Dailymotion netting almost 18%.

Some other notable sites took a major pounding, like which lost almost 30%, which lost 54% and Mahalo is down 81% (the full list of top 100 losers). Oddly, no video-centric sites seem to have been in the top 100 losers, yet four show up in the top 20 winners.

Searchmetrics methodology:

From their blog post with the results:

We performed an analysis with millions of different keywords in the short -and longtail of the impact of this update. We analyzed the top 100 domains with the greatest gains and losses in our Organic Performance Index (OPI) from the previous week. The OPI is calculated according to a keyword’s search volume, position and the statistical value of traffic distribution.

The update is made every week and we can definitely confirm that the update has hit the UK – in a big way.

The big losers also include places like and they said that it seems like some sites which have a .com and a seem to have been affected more harshly than some others. Clicking the link above will take you to their page where you can get the top 20 winners as well as top 100 winners and losers.

Have you seen impacts on your traffic since the update? Let us know. Personally I think there’s been some negative impact at GDN and ReelSEO as well. Both which should have seen positive impacts based on unique content and perhaps on time-on-page as well. It’s quite a strange update to the algorithm it seems.

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