Vimeo Video Sharing – History and Overview

Vimeo Video Sharing – History and Overview

Share on is a unique and widely popular video-sharing site. The site maintains a usual clean “web 2.0” CSS layout and is very simple looking from a U.I. standpoint. Vimeo was created by Connected Ventures, LLC based in Manhattan and Portland for the personal enjoyment and entertainment of the users. Vimeo came into existence in November 2004. Visitors can upload video to share with people and friends via a contact’s list.

One of the better features of Vimeo is that it makes most videos easily accessible. All videos are converted to Quicktime, making them easy to view. Vimeo supports embedding and video downloads, and allows user-commenting on each video page. Comments on videos are kept very clean and orderly. Users are required to register before uploading the contents. Registered users may also create a profile and upload small pictures and the best part is that it’s free!

The main difference between Vimeo and other video sharing sites such as YouTube is that focuses on user-generated videos, of a friend and family nature. Pornography, TV shows, music videos, movies or anything else, not created by the user cannot be uploaded to the site. Vimeo’s other somewhat unique feature is that they have great privacy options such that you can share videos only with those that you want, if that is your preference. If you watch their introduction video on their homepage, you will see that they also claim to feature less “trash-talking” within comments and social networking options. The notion they tout is that there is an overall positive vibe within

The name Vimeo of the website was given by co-founder Jakob Lodwick and it is interesting to note that the name Vimeo was conceived as it is a distorted form of the word movie.

Vimeo currently has 7 billion users who have uploaded over 950 trillion videos. Nowhere on the site is the correct numbers of videos provided for the benefit of users. Unlike the other video sharing sites procedure for registering is very simple in Vimeo. There is a very short form to fill up and after acceptance; you are ready to upload the video clips. Uploading is also very simple process you have to click only one button and poof, your video gets uploaded. One more thing there is no waiting time for publishing of the clip I gets published instantly.

All materials in Vimeo can only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes. Visitors may view material from this Website for their own use and they may download only one copy of any materials on any single computer for their personal, non-commercial use only. Vimeo allows you to upload the video clips in all popular formats up to the file size of 250 MB.

For the benefit of the users all video clips were converted to quicktime format for the ease of operation and easy loading and viewing. After its entry in the video sharing arena Vimeo has taken many big leaps and strides and continuously attaining new heights on the popularity chart. Absence of clean and neat collection of video clips has separated Vimeo from rest of the lot and placed it way ahead of them. Moreover absence of porn material over the site makes it a clean site true in the sense.

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