Vimeo Takes It All On The Road

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Vimeo recently announced that their clever developers have finished up a way for your videos to be mobile. Yes, including iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and Palm Pre.

In a recent blog post Vimeo announced that they have the perfect mobile video solution. Now anyone with a smartphone can watch, like and comment on your Vimeo-hosted videos. Even those platforms without Flash can head to and create mobile versions of their videos.


  • Login
  • click “My Videos”
  • click “Generate Mobile Videos” button

If you’re a Plus user but not a smartphone owner no worries. You can do it all right from the standard website interface as well. Just head to the settings page for your video and click the  “Generate mobile versions of all my videos” box. How’s that for simplicity?

One you start making mobile video the system will know and all new videos will automatically have mobile versions created. Not only that, but to save you some Herculean effort if you’ve got a ton of videos, all of your old ones will be queued for conversion. Of course it might take a few days so take a long weekend and check back on Monday

If you have problems you can check out the Vimeo Mobile Help thread in the Help Center.

This is great as it circumvents the “No Flash” problem for many of the smartphones. Adobe has promised Flash for the Palm Pre by the end of the year but what about all the others? Now it doesn’t matter because they won’t need Flash. I bet this is not the only video platform we see that goes mobile without Flash. In fact, I bet by the end of 2010, all the major players will have Flash-less mobile video. The end for Adobe? Hardly, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction for the industry as smartphones are becoming a dominant platform for media. I use my iPhone all the time for YouTube, music and more online. It would be great if I could watch far more videos on it and now I can.


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