Vimeo Previews Their Pay-to-View Movie Service with Six Awesome Documentary Films

Vimeo Previews Their Pay-to-View Movie Service with Six Awesome Documentary Films

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Back in September, we got to talk to Vimeo and they announced Tip Jar, a monetization strategy in which people could elect to leave some money for a well-liked video.  During this announcement, they also mentioned they would have a Pay-to-View service ready for 2013.  Well now, you can preview this service with six full-length movies starting today.  And undoubtedly, they will carry the hallmarks of Vimeo quality.  In fact, they pretty much state that in their blog post today.  These films have been hand-picked by Vimeo to kick-start their new foray into monetization.

Vimeo Pay-to-View Preview: 6 Movies “Deemed Certifiably Awesome”

Here’s Vimeo’s preview of the inaugural movies:

The list of movies are all documentaries.  Half of them can be seen in all regions, but some are limited, and one can’t be seen on Vimeo here in the US. They include:

We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists (available in the US).  This is about hacker group Anonymous.

Sons of the Clouds: The Last Colony (available in the US and Canada).  Javier Bardem’s directorial debut about human rights in the Western Sahara.

Beauty is Embarrassing (available worldwide).  Artist Wayne White takes us through the highs and lows of being a commercial artist.

Shut Up and Play the Hits (available in the UK only).  LCD Soundsystem’s final concert at Madison Square Garden.

Further (available worldwide).  Jeremy Jones’ second film in his snowboarding trilogy, following Deeper and preceding Higher.

Sunny (available worldwide).  How a sunny atmosphere positively affected ski season in Scandinavia, Alaska, Japan and British Columbia.

Prices range from $4.99 to $9.00 on these films.  Most of them can be watched for 5 bucks.

Back when we talked to Vimeo about their new monetization efforts, the idea around having Tip Jar and Pay-to-View was that users could find a way to implement both into their videos.  Perhaps you put up a few things for free with Tip Jar, then you put it behind a pay wall later once it gets some buzz.  Or you take the opposite approach and make it available behind a pay wall first, generate some cash, and then use Tip Jar.  Undoubtedly, many will find some new and creative ways to use these services and hopefully generate some dough.


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