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Vimeo-on-Demand Turns One, Company Shines Spotlight on its Employees

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Vimeo is unveiling some new features for the Vimeo-on-Demand platform which just turned one year old, and they have a new blog-type-thing which I’ll get to just after this commercial break. “For almost 10 years, Vimeo has been made with love by a steadfast team of people in New York City. During that time, the team has grown to international and intergalactic dimensions, and each week, there are a tremendous number of goings-on at our company”. Next on REELSEO! Online True Story.

Vimeo just recently announced Makers of the Vimeo, “a blog-type thing where you can learn firsthand about the challenges faced daily by our engineers, designers, producers, writers, and community supporters, as well as the creative solutions they think up.” Their words, not mine.

Makers of the Vimeo

It’s a new way for the team at Vimeo to connect with the userbase and to provide some interesting insight into what it’s like to help run and create and expand one of the largest video properties on the web. In the announcement for the blog-thing, they offered up some quick, interesting stats.

  • More than 40 developers willingly call Vimeo home, with a variety of specialities: application development, transcoding, search, data science, stats & logging, ops, infrastructure, systems, site reliability, mobile, and more! And more!!!!
  • We have a team of 10 designers who are as comfortable pushing code as they are pushing pixels.
  • 80 Vimeans, spanning community, marketing, business, and beyond, also work to make our product and support the people who use it.
  • They’re hiring a ton more makers.

I like it. It gives them another way to market their brand and it also allows them to shine a light on the people in the shadows, behind the scenes, just off to stage left, up in the booths and down in the server rooms. All of whom are needed to keep Vimeo running smoothly and continue to expand. Props Vimeo!

Vimeo-on-Demand Turns One

Second on the Vimeo front today is the fact that Vimeo-on-Demand has been around for a year. What’s that you ask? Vimeo-on-Demand lets you purchase titles straight from the creators giving most of the money directly to them. It also gives you a queue, watch list, etc, etc. So if you’re looking for unique content that you most likely won’t find anywhere else or want to help support some indie filmmakers, you now know where to go.

Since it’s one-year-old today they decided to drop in a bunch of new functionality which I shall go over quickly.

What’s new at Vimeo-on-Demand

I’m really going to lift a lot of this from their blog because they know how best to talk about their stuff.

Audience Development Program + 10 million smackers

$10 million bucks goes into a shoebox, a ton of great creative content comes out of it.

Here’s how it works: They’ll use that money to support Vimeo On Demand titles (and creators) that have raised over $10,000 on select crowdfunding platforms or been accepted to certain film festivals. For those over-achieving titles, they’ll make websites, do translating and subtitling, and generally ensure more people see them! Learn more.

New Vimeo On Demand for viewers

Taking their cue from good old-fashioned, brick-and-mortar retail outlets, Vimeo created an all-new, all-nice way for viewers to browse and discover and check out and bond with Vimeo On Demand titles. Stroll around.

Discover titles through collections

They’ve put together groups of content with common themes in them and called them collections. Several are ready and more are coming soon. This should help the more adventurous find exciting new content and discover new favorites along the way. It’s a new way to find interesting stuff there.

My Library

Not mine personally but everyone who is a Vimeo On Demand viewer. We all now have one place that provides one-click access to rented, purchased, and previously watched titles. Aptly named indeed.

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