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vimeo logoVimeo just announced one important change to their service and several new features. As they’re one of the big boys I thought it would be appropriate to let you all know.

The first thing is that starting on the 1st of August those of you with basic account will only have one week after upload to get your original source file. After that you will only be able to get the Vimeo encoded files. Files will still be available for playing in the Vimeo player and they will still provide that download link for the MP4 formatted file. All videos that were uploaded prior to 1 July will be available in the uploaded format until 1 August and then they’ll be gone. This was mostly a cost cutting feature as they found most people didn’t use it and it was a huge amount of storage.

Alright, on to new updates. They’d updated Vimeo Plus so now when you sign up you get about 25,000 HD embed plays so if you’re filming in full HD you’ll not lose that quality.

Additionally, the groups have been updated including privacy and more. They’ve also implemented Categories to help group up like-minded videos so you can find more of the same videos you like or so you can see.


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