Learn Filmmaking and Celebrate Creative Video at Vimeo Festival + Awards in June

Learn Filmmaking and Celebrate Creative Video at Vimeo Festival + Awards in June

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To be sure, YouTube is the most-visited place for videos, but it’s good to know that there’s a place like Vimeo out there that is a little more focused on the techniques of video creation.  Recently Vimeo announced the nominees for the Second Annual Vimeo Festival + Awards being held in June in New York City.  Awards will be passed out in a ton of categories, and the festival will hold screenings, speakers, and workshops.  This year’s theme will be “The End of the Beginning,” which is Vimeo’s way of saying that video has officially arrived and the potential energy of the medium has turned kinetic.

The Categories & Nominees Of The Vimeo Festival + Awards

$5,000 will be awarded for winners in each category, and a $25,000 grant goes to the Best Video Award.  There will be plenty of familiar faces as judges for each category, and the site is currently taking public votes on the nominees.  You can buy tickets for separate or all phases of the festival here.


A new category this year, to be judged by Benjamin Palmer, David Droga, and Traktor.

  • Sonic Sky, by Drea Cooper for Chevrolet
  • Plot Device, by Red Giant, post-production product creator
  • Move, by Rick Mereki for STA Travel Australia
  • Abandoned, by Doomsday Entertainment for The Chipotle Cultivate Foundation
  • Toyota Auto Biography by Julia Pott for Toyota
  • Splitscreen: A Love Story by James W. Griffiths for Nokia
  • Sony PS3 Video Store – Realtime Projection Mapping – Part 2 by The Found Collective for Sony
  • Go All Day, by Colin Kennedy & Steve Berra for Gatorade
  • TMB – Make The Difference, by The Glue Society for Tamilnad Mercantile Bank
  • K-Swiss – Kenny Powers MFCEO, by Caviar for K-Swiss
  • EF – Live The Language – Paris, by Gustav Johansson for Education First
  • Intel Visual Life – Kitty & Lala, 80 Impression, by Amsterdam Worldwide for Intel

I think TMB’s is my favorite of the group, just from the point of storytelling:

Original Series

Original series will be judged by stand-up comedian and Parks and Recreation actor Aziz Ansari, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World director Edgar Wright, and inaugural Vimeo Series Winner Ted Tremper.

  • Often Awesome The Series by All Aces Media
  • Paper People Jokes by Brandon Ray
  • Little Big World by Joerq Daiber
  • Soundworks Collection by Michael Coleman
  • CALIFORNIA IS A PLACE by California Is A Place
  • Handmade Portraits by Etsy
  • M E M O R Y B O X by Bill Newsinger
  • Behind The Line by Teton Gravity Research
  • Shaking Through by Weathervane Music
  • DreamStates by Option-6/Scenic Creative
  • Girl Walk // All Day by Girl Walk // All Day
  • Design-Generation by Design-Generation

Here’s one of the nominees, Paper People Jokes:


“Live action narrative fiction told through the medium of film/video.”  This category will be judged by actor James Franco and Gabriel Bisset-Smith:

  • The Ghosts by Eddie O’Keefe
  • Prologue – Short Film by Bradley W. Ragland
  • Webcam by ZBros Productions
  • A Bitch by Matthew Miller
  • Left Right by Tom Williams
  • The Hive by Blind Aura Pictures
  • Hooked by Stuart Howe
  • POTHOUND (2011) by Christopher Guinness
  • The Division of Gravity by Rob Chiu
  • Blinky by Ruairi Robinson
  • HUMAN BEINGS by Jonathan Entwistle
  • HAM SANDWICH by Dave Green

Here’s Blinky, which is part Pixar, part cautionary tale, starring Where the Wild Things Are‘s Max Records:


“A video that captures your own artistic expression or performance as the subject.”  This category will be judged by Charlie Bucket, Steve Lazarides, Barbara London:

  • Locomotive – Place des Artes by Espace culturel
  • folds | installation documentation by Robert Seidel
  • 3 Destruct / Scoptione 2011 by Joanie Lemercier (AntiVJ)
  • The Making of “Hero” by Miguel Endara
  • Joaquin Phoenix & David Letterman “It’s A Hoax” by Brendan Bennett
  • Quad Time by The Joy of Box
  • Melvin the Magical Mixed Media Machine by HEYHEYHEY
  • Paper Record Player by kellianderson
  • snail trail – laser sculpture by Philipp Artus
  • Immaterials – Light painting WiFi by Timo
  • Solar Sinter Project by Markus Kayser
  • SWEATSHOPPE Video Painting Europe by SWEATSHOPPE

The Snail Trail – Laser Sculpture one is pretty neat:

Action Sports

Some of the most popular videos on the web are action sports, and it’s a new category for Vimeo’s Festival this year.  This category will be judged by skateboarding pioneer and filmmaker Stacy Peralta and snowboarder/filmmaker Travis Rice.

  • Uncommon Ideals. by Doggerland
  • On Assignment by Camp 4 Collective
  • Jenny Jones – Permanent Vocation by Johannes Ostengard
  • Skateistan – To Live And Skate Kabul by Grain Media
  • Bobby Brown | Solar System by Michael Clarke
  • For Skateboarding and the City by Nathan Factor Sacharow
  • Experience Freedom by Betty WantsIn
  • Fiji Vignette 3/3 by Taj Burrow
  • Slicing Time by Saubere Filme
  • “Five Full Runs” for Retallack: The Movie by The Vacuum
  • DARK SIDE OF THE LENS by Astray Films

You can get lost in these skydiving videos.  Here’s Experience Freedom:


This category will be judged by Eliot Rausch, Steve James, and Lucy Walker.  The nominees are:

  • Welcome to Planet Earth by Mikey Livingston
  • Ray: A Life Underwater by Danny Cooke
  • THE WALL OF DEATH by Benedict Campbell
  • Born Into Coal by Catherine Spangler and Catherine Orr
  • Aquadettes by California Is A Place
  • Amar (all great achievements require time) by Pilgrim Films
  • Underage by Danny Linsner
  • Odysseus’ Gambit by Alex Lora
  • Between Days by Nizar Pasalic
  • Living on Ice by Studiocanoe
  • Tipping Barrels by Sitka
  • Diamond Box by Rodrigo Valenzuela

Ray: A Life Underwater is about scuba diving and obviously has some money underwater shots:


New ideas or techniques without a real narrative.  These will be judged by filmmaker Chris Beckman and acclaimed director Mike Figgis:

  • LUCID by Jack Haslehurst
  • 5:46 am – Paris underwater by ArtefactoryLab
  • Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared by This Is It
  • GOLDEN AGE – SOMEWHERE by Paul Nicholls
  • PHASEONE – SUGAR by Ryan Powell
  • Moments (2007-2010) by Ian Gamester
  • SYNDROMES – a short film by Kristoffer Borgli & The Golden Filter
  • Compressed 02 by Kim Pimmel
  • A History of the Sky by Ken Murphy
  • Prie Dieu by Cokau
  • Supermercado by Fernando Huck

LUCID is a really cool one.  Check out the nearly seamless transitions between “worlds:”:

Motion Graphics

“The use of graphic design principles to create a video using animation or filmic techniques.”  The category will be judged by Geoff McFetridge, Kyle Cooper, and Onur Sentirk:

  • A History Of The Title Sequence by Jurjen Versteeg
  • WAVE REFLECTION by Koji Aramaki
  • Egyptrixx – Start from the Beginning by A.N.F.
  • Seasons by Erica Haowei Hu
  • The Fundamental Elements of Design by Erica Gorochow
  • Network by Michael Rigley
  • Year Zero – OFFF Barcelona 2011 Main Titles by PostPanic
  • The Node by Murat Pak
  • Strange Arrangements by weare17
  • Gettysburg Address by Adam Gault
  • The Adventures of Tintin by James Curran
  • WakYak – Architectural visualization by Erik Jansson

As a movie buff, I really enjoyed A History of the Title Sequence:


“A video showcasing a fashion or beauty collection or trend with moving image.”  This new category for the Vimeo Awards will be judged by Nick Knight, Nicola Formicetti, and Humberto Leon:

  • Experiment No.9 ‘Dynamic Blooms’ by Tell No One & Nick Knight, by Skin Flicks
  • Lifetime Collective Fall/Winter 2011 by Salazar
  • The Birth by shootmefast.net
  • Full Circle by Callum Cooper
  • Ksubi – Kolours By Daniel Askill by Collider
  • HERESY by Matias & Mathias
  • Mulberry ‘Skirt’ by Amanda Boyle
  • La Prochaine Fois (The Next Time) by A76 PRODUCTIONS
  • “The Game of Things” by Cristian Straub for Ethel Vaughn
  • FILM 2 by martindethurah
  • Submission by Ama
  • Step, Clap, Go! by Opening Ceremony

If you’re selling swimwear, it doesn’t get any better than putting it on a pretty girl.  The fun little short film, “La Prochaine Fois (The Next Time)” shows the art of building attraction between two people:


Always a fun genre, this one will be judged by Amid Amidi, Eran Hilleli, and Shelley Page:

  • Address Is Approximate by The Theory
  • BEAT by or bar-el
  • Countdown – HD by Desrumaux Celine
  • Umbra (HD – 2010) by Malcolm Sutherland
  • Robots of Brixton by Kibwe Tavares
  • Mac ‘n’ Cheese by Mac ‘n’ Cheese
  • Les chiens isolés by CRCR
  • Places Other People Have Lived by Laura Yilmaz
  • Crossover by Fabian Grodde
  • (notes on) biology by ornanafilms
  • Little Boat by Nelson Boles
  • Professor Soap – Spirit Quest Journey by Ryan Mauskopf

A lot of these are cinematic quality.  I think this one called “Crossover” is extraordinary:


“A video that showcases the natural world or personal experience using a distinct creative style.”  Another new category in the competition, it will be judged by Blake Whitman, Philip Bloom, and Maria Popova:

  • December in Toronto by Millefiore Clarkes
  • I LOOK & MOVE by Constantine Konovalav
  • LA Light by Colin Rich
  • Symmetry by Everynone
  • ÎLE DE RÉ by FKY
  • takeoff by Cole Rise
  • Under the clouds by Gioacchino Petronicce
  • Coachelletta by Sam O’Hare
  • A Taste of Vietnam by Daniel Klein
  • a story for tomorrow. by gnarly bay productions, inc.
  • Earth | Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS by Michael Konig
  • The City of Samba by Jarbas Agnelli

I’m a sucker for time lapse stuff…I think a lot of people are.  So this video showing all the lights of LA at night, called “LA Light,” is pretty fun to watch:


Another popular genre in online video is the “remix,” taking existing material and making it into something new.  This category will be judged by Beardyman, David Dewaele (2manydjs + Soulwax), and Kasumi:

  • CASSINI MISSION by Chris Abbas
  • Mason – Le Big Bob by Frenkel Schonfeld
  • C.FLO: Chop Culture (2011) by C.FLO
  • Grand Finale 2010-11 by McLean Fahnestock
  • ‘Movie Line Rhymes’ by Jordan Laws by Screenwerks
  • LAUGHS! by Everynone
  • Don’t hold back, just push things forward by Ithaca Audio
  • NOTES TO SELF – NOBODY (Official Video) by Notes to Self
  • Eclectic Method – The Apocamix by Eclectic Method
  • Synchronize by Elise The
  • Cinezoïque – The Movie Time Line by Lait Noir
  • Rear Window Timelapse by Jeff Desom

A lot of these movie remixes are great, but I really love this Rear Window one:

Music Video

This classic category that they don’t show on MTV anymore will be judged by Andy Bruntel, Chris Milk, and Colin Greenwood of Radiohead:

  • The Shrine / An Argument by Sean Pecknold
  • Cults “Go Outside” by Isaiah Seret
  • Apache by oneedo
  • Manchester Orchestra – “Simple Math” by DANIELS
  • Flight Facilities – Foreign Language by Dimitri Basil
  • TV On The Radio – You by B CLAY
  • New Romance by Miles Fisher
  • Is Tropical – “The Greeks” by IRENE / El Nino
  • Karl X Johan – Flames (dir. cut) by Gustav Johansson
  • Oh Land – White Nights by CANADA
  • Eskmo ‘We Got More’ (Official Video) by Ninja Tune

I don’t know too many of these bands, but I gravitated towards the Manchester Orchestra one and it’s pretty great:

The award ceremony is on June 7 at the NYU Skirball Center.  The festival takes place after that on June 8-9 at Vimeo HQ, among other places.  Here’s the awards page.  Festival page is here.  The Vimeo site is an exciting place showcasing great work so give it a look.

If you want to see what happened at the First Annual Festival in 2010, here’s a recap.


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