Current TV To Create New Series From Vimeo Documentary Contest Winner

Current TV To Create New Series From Vimeo Documentary Contest Winner

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It seems to be online video contest week as I’ve got two assignments about online video contest platfoms and now Vimeo is launching a contest. The new partnership between Current TV and Vimeo is looking for some crowdsource action to kick off a series of documentaries.

Since Vimeo has a built in filmmaking base they decided to activate that base by asking them to  submit short doc vids based on a specific topic (see below). Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to get ready as the contest will run until the end of November.

Up to 6 winners will be chosen to be aired in the Current Short Cuts documentary series and receive a £1,000-1500 cash prize along with being featured on both sites and some free advertising for the filmmakers.

The documentary shorts strand at Current Short Cuts is actually a relaunch which is why they’re holding the contest.

Current TV Vimeo Documentary Contest Prize

Up to six short docs will be selected to air on Current, each will receive £1000 as well as:

  • Help to create a 30 second advert using Current production
    facilities including use of our studio, in-house grading and editing assistance*, to be shown on Current TV 50 times. This ad can promote your next project, creative work, or Vimeo channel.
  • Guarantee that your short doc will air at least 20 times on Current TV.
  • Potential screening event at BAFTA for all winners.
* For filmmakers based outside of the UK, not able to make use of our studio, you will receive an increased prize package of £1.5K.

Current TV Vimeo Documentary Contest Brief

Current is a channel about engaging with free-thinkers; a platform for people who have something to say about the world rather than accepting the status quo. In the New Year we’ll be airing a season of films celebrating the spirit of revolution featuring people who are passionate about change. We want your short docs to be part of this exciting television event, which will be launched with the television premiere of How to Start a Revolution.

Your short factual films should show people standing up for their beliefs, both small and large, and fighting for their rights. Whether a fun quirky portrait or an observational access piece, we’re looking for films that touch on the themes of revolution, change, subversive action and protest. Whether you make the film especially for the competition or it’s a film you’ve already made, we’re interested in stories from the UK and around the world.

Submit your short docs between 24 October and 30 November.

Current TV & Vimeo Documentary Contest Submission Requirements

  • Your doc needs to be between 3 to 12 minutes in length.
  • Must be a UK television premiere.
  • Must be legally cleared for broadcast.
  • You must own the rights to your film.


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