Vimeo Announces Custom Thumbnails, Dropbox Integration For Video Sharing & Uploading

Vimeo Announces Custom Thumbnails, Dropbox Integration For Video Sharing & Uploading

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Awhile back we published a long list of tools that help you send large files, like video, over the internet.  One of those, and actually by far and away the most popular one, is Dropbox.  Well, exciting news for Vimeo users: you can now use Dropbox to upload videos directly from your Dropbox account to Vimeo.  This announcement comes with the news also that Vimeo is allowing custom thumbnails, something we’ve been waiting very patiently for YouTube to announce.  Also: the ability to stop uploads and resume at a later time.  Let’s look at these new Vimeo features, shall we?

New Vimeo Features: Dropbox Integration, Custom Thumbs, Upload Pausing & Resuming

This entertaining video announces all the new Vimeo features:

OK, so what does Dropbox integration allow users to do?  Here is the list, as provided by Blake Whitman at the Vimeo Blog:

  • If you depend on Dropbox for syncing and storing all your videos files, you don’t have to visit Vimeo to upload them again. One less step!
  • Auto-upload any video you save to Dropbox. Just choose your auto-upload folder, save a video there and we’ll handle the rest.
  • When uploading from Dropbox, you can leave the browser window as soon as you start uploading. No need to babysit a progress bar.

Here’s how to do it:

Go to Apps Settings.

Click “Connect,” and you’ll go to Dropbox, where you can either sign up or sign in.  You can also select auto-uploading from here.  Of course, you’ll want to explore all the options so that you don’t accidentally put something you don’t want on Vimeo, but the default setting is that only videos loaded into the “Vimeo” folder will go to Vimeo.

For all questions related to this new feature, visit their FAQ on Dropbox.

Sweet!  What else you got for us Vimeo?  Custom Thumbnails!

Yep, this new feature allows you to scrub through your video and find whatever you want out of it to turn into your thumbnail.  Even better: You can also upload JPG, GIF, PNG files for your thumbnails!

Also, another cool feature…have you ever had the internet or power go out during an upload, or some other unforeseen thing happen?  Now, you can resume uploads later after a break in the action:

These are ridiculously great features that Vimeo is bringing to their users!


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